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WINNER: A.E. Van Vogt Award

From a press release:

Alphanauts by Brian J. Clarke (Edge) has won the the inaugural A.E. Van Vogt Award. The award includes a $1200.00 honorarium (The largest in Canadian Science Fiction writing) and a certificate.

The other finalists were Lady of Mazes by Karl Schroeder, (Tor) and The Other by Matthew Hughes (Underland Press). The award is sponsored by the Winnipeg Science Fiction Association. The Award is for a book that must be a first-edition full length science fiction novel or full-length science fiction short story anthology, written by an author linked to Western Canada by birth or residency.”

A web site dealing with the award, celebrating A.E.Van Vogt contributions to Canadian writing, and Brian J. Clarke’s win, will be announced ASAP. It will provide details as how one may enter for the 2013 award.

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