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A Nerd’s Guide to Football

I’m not saying our readers are nerds. Nor am I saying that our readers are, in stereotypical fashion, so averse to football that they’re reading this blog in favor of a nearby Superbowl party. Nor am I saying that nerds (whoever they may be) know nothing about football…

I’m just saying this is a humorous video, OK?

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15 Comments on A Nerd’s Guide to Football

  1. Uh … thank you for video … but is that a Star Trek McCoy bobble head doll on the bookshelf behind you?

  2. I’m assuming this is some sort of sports game?

  3. That was fun, thanks for posting it. As big as a nerd/geek as I lay claim to being in regards to SFF I am also a big football nerd. I follow the NFL season religiously and as excited as I am about getting together with family and friends today to watch the game, I am melancholy about the months ahead with no NFL games on television. Happy Superbowl Sunday to all you football fans out there. Happy day filled with other goodness to the rest of you.

  4. As a genre nerd who also loves his beloved NY Giants, I approve heartily of this.

  5. Awesome video! I still feel completely lost on the whole thing, maybe my wife will be able to explain it to me.

  6. Football is great. Giants suck, Paul…


    (and if the Bears aren’t playing…) GO BRONCOS!


  7. Poor Raiders…

  8. Americans call it soccer right?

  9. I’m a nerd and a geek and reading this blog BEFORE kick off! Loved it! Thanks!

  10. Guess what? Sports fans are nerds too. They exhibit all the classic symptoms: devoted memorization of endless statistics/facts/sets of rules/etc., construction of a carefully themed and decorated nerd cave, tabletop gaming/fanfic (fantasy football leagues), camping out for tickets, cosplay (football jerseys, anyone?), social awkwardness/inability to discuss other topics, etc..

  11. Anybody ever see this episode of IT Crowd?

  12. Nothing beats Calvinball.

  13. Didn’t Scott Sigler explain football when he podcasted The Rookie?

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