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Crowd Funding Roundup For 02/04/2013

Crowd funding is the in thing for obtaining money to fund a variety of projects, with Kickstarter being the most prominent of these sites. With new projects going live daily, it’s a chore to keep up with, let alone find, interesting genre projects. The Crowd Funding Roundup will be our effort to bring projects we think are interesting to your attention so you can, if you so choose, decide to help out. These posts are a collaborative effort between James Aquilone and JP Frantz.

Raygun Chronicles: Space Opera (Science Fiction Anthology)

What’s it about?

An anthology of 23 contemporary stories capturing the classic golden age feel of space opera past.

Why it’s interesting: Raygun Chronicles: Space Opera for a New Age combines the best stories from Ray Gun Revival’s six-year run with new tales — all of which attempt to capture the “contemporary yet classic golden age feel of space opera.” The impressive author lineup includes Mike Resnick, Seanan McGuire, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and Dean Wesley Smith. Bryan Thomas Schmidt is the editor of the anthology, which will have artwork by Illustrators of the Future winner Paul Pedersen. The e-book is only $5. The trade paperback is $30.

Glitter & Madness: The Speculative Nightclub Anthology

What’s it about?

A fiction anthology filled with roller derby, nightclubs, glam aliens, (literal) party monsters, drugs, sex, glitter, debauchery, etc.

Why it’s interesting: It began with editor John Klima’s desire to throw a “glitter party” at this year’s Worldcon in San Antonio. Somehow that morphed into a glow-in-the-dark roller-skate party at The Rollercade. And that turned into a glow-in-the-dark roller-skate / book-release party. The book being released? Glitter & Madness, an anthology about the secret history of 20th century nightlife/party culture. It will feature a stand-alone novella from Seanan McGuire set in her InCryptid universe. The rest of the lineup includes Damien Walters Grintalis, Kat Howard, Jennifer Pelland, Tim Pratt, and Cat Rambo. There will also be an open reading period. The e-book is $10. For $25 you get both the e-book and a print copy.

The Future Embodied Science Fiction Anthology

What’s it about?

An anthology of speculative stories exploring how science and technology might change our bodies and what it means to be human.

Why it’s interesting: Editors Jason Andrew and Mae Empson have already secured Caitlin R. Kiernan and William F. Nolan for the anthology — which is a pretty good start. With the Kickstarter campaign they hope to increase the pay rate for authors. They’ll be opening to submissions in March to find more stories that merge “concepts from hard science fiction, the social sciences, and the drama of real human experience.” They’re looking to publish The Future Embodied in December 2013. The e-book is $15. The print version is $25.

Video Game High School: Season Two

What’s it about?

Video Game High School is a series set in an alternate reality where professional video gaming becomes the biggest spectator sport in the world. It follows Brian D, an aspiring pro gamer who lands an invitation to VGHS, the most prestigious gaming academy in the world. Think Hogwarts, but instead of spells and magic wands, it’s headshots and IBM Model M keyboards!

Why it’s interesting: I thoroughly enjoyed the first season of VGHS and if you like playing video games, you should go watch. Being a webseries, the acting can be hit or miss, but for the most part it’s passable and I really like the idea. I was wondering if they would do season 2 and now’s the chance to make that happen. $15 for 1080p downloads of each episode as they are ready seems more than fair.

The World SF Travel Fund

What’s it about?

In 2011, a combination of genre professionals and fans from the international scene and the United States gathered together to create the World SF Travel Fund. The fund was set up to enable one or two international persons involved in science fiction, fantasy or horror to travel to a major genre event.

Why it’s interesting: This year the recipients are Csilla Kleinheincz, a Hungarian-Vietnamese writer living in Kistarcsa, Hungary, and Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, a Filipino writer of science fiction and fantasy. You can help send them to the 2013 World Fantasy Convention and, depending on your pledge level, receive a lot of free ebooks in return courtesy of Angry Robot, Solaris, and Prime, among others.

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