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Free eBook: “Arc of the Dream – A Radix Tetrad Novel” by A.A. Attanasio

Phoenix Pick is continuing their free eBook promotion this month with A.A. Attanasio’s Arc of the Dream (A Radix Tetrad Novel)!

About the Book:

The Arc—Earth’s Last Hope?

The Arc, a being of immense power, trapped within a continuum too small, fights for its freedom. Its monumental struggle will touch a few select individuals on Earth—and in doing so, change their lives forever. The Arc may also be the last hopefor humanity’s survival.

Instructions and download links can be found on Phoenix Pick’s catalogue page. The Coupon Code for the free eBook this month is 9991743 and is only good between February 2nd – February 28, 2012. Grab it now!

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