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[GUEST POST] Cat Adams on Romance in Urban Fantasy – Keeping it Real

C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp began writing as a team in 1997. They quickly learned that their individual talents in writing created a dynamite combination in historical and paranormal novels! Cathy resides in the Texas Hill Country with her husband, dogs, cats and 24 Boer/Spanish cross goats! Cie is currently relocating to the Denver metro area with her dog and cats. They love reading fan mail and anticipate a long and fruitful writing career. together, they write as Cat Adams.

Most readers of urban fantasy realize that the genre itself is sort of mythological. Born out of a blending of the fantasy, horror and romance shelves, until just a few years ago, you could wander your favorite bookstore forever and never find such a creature. Even now, readers might have to visit more than one shelf to find a favorite author. Romance has always had a firm foot in the door of fantasy because . . . well, people are people (even the monstrous ones) and people tend to fall in love. And have sex. Let’s not forget that because it’s a huge part of urban fantasy. Dark = sexy. Romance = sexy. Hmmm, maybe Dark = romance!

But romance in urban fantasy is tricky, because urban fantasy novels are all about the action. Spine tingling danger, evil lurking around every corner for our brave hero or heroine. It can be tough to fit in a “date night.” Now, an adrenaline filled quickie between battles? Sure, much easier. But actual romance takes time to achieve. And, too, romance readers really want the Happily Ever After in their books. Romance readers love their love—the heartfelt emotions, the fear of loss, the ache, the longing and finally, the big wonderful “I love you!”.  But urban fantasy novels are generally part of a series, where the same characters slip in and out of intense plotlines. Only a very few authors have managed to maintain a healthy, happy relationship over multiple books. It’s difficult primarily because kick-butt characters are generally alpha (Type ‘A’) personalities. They’re take charge types who tend not to discuss charging into a firefight over the breakfast table, or while snuggling in bed. They just go. Alpha characters can be brusk and arrogant, mostly unintentionally. They simply state the truth as they see it, and let the chips fall where they may. Emotions have no place on the battlefield. Wounds can be tended afterward. Alphas in urban fantasy are seldom lucky in love. At least, not the first time.

Such a situation happens in The Eldritch Conspiracy.  Celia Graves, our heroine, is an alpha personality. So are her two main love interests, Bruno DeLuca and John Creede. Celia wants what she wants. She’s tough and skilled and expects the people she relies on to be the same. They are. In their fields of practice, they’re the best.  The problem is, sometimes they know they are and can’t keep their yaps shut. So Celia and Creede have a fight. It’s a doozy of a fight, leaving them both emotionally bruised and angry. Creede questions Celia’s abilities, and Celia reminds John of some painful truths. In short, they’re brusk and arrogant with each other. Alphas fighting alphas. It’s never pretty.

But it’s wonderful to read! The real difference in urban fantasy is that the leads can fight. They can also break up, like real people, and later apologize for being asses, like real people. From book to book, you never know if there will be a “Happily Ever After.” Real people can be stubborn, after all.

So will Celia and Creede make up? Or will she fall back into Bruno’s waiting arms? Pick up The Eldritch Conspiracy today and find out!  Visit our website to read a sample chapter, at:

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