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Prequel Trailer: “Ghost in the Shell: Arise”

I’m one of the sad few around here who has yet to see Ghost in the Shell. I have an excuse, though…I’ve been busy waiting to post about the prequel trailer…which is now available for all you true Ghost in the Shell fans out there.

[via Anime News Network via Geekosystem]

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4 Comments on Prequel Trailer: “Ghost in the Shell: Arise”

  1. Good to see they look like they are keeping in the style of the movies and the series, rather than “updating” the style.

    And, John? For shame. For shame.

  2. I, too, was waiting for the prequel, John. I hate seeing things out of order. 😉

  3. John thats a terrible reason why. Haven’t we learned from Star Wars and all the other prequels that the Good should always be separated from the bad.

    And Hollywood always makes it worse, no matter if they try to trick you and pretend its not bad because it came before all the horrendous 2nd,3rd and 4th sequels.

    This isn’t set in stone(and pre and seq’s can/could actually be good) but it is certainly not what the vast majority of experience teaches us!

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