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ChiZine Publications to Celebrate (Sh*tty) Poetry Month

There once was a girl in the city
Whose appearance was rather quite pretty
She talked a good game
And remembered your name
But her poetry was rather awful

Press release follows…

ChiZine Publications to Celebrate (Sh*tty) Poetry Month

TORONTO, Ontario (March 26, 2013) — To honour National Poetry Month, which is celebrated every April in the United States and Canada, ChiZine Publications (CZP) has announced it will be showcasing sh*tty poetry during the month of April.

Putting out the call on social media and various writing forums, the goal is to attract sh*tty poems from writers of science fiction, fantasy and horror, as well as the regular poetry-writing world. Each week of April, new sh*tty poems will be published on Facebook, Twitter and, which is undergoing a major overhaul as it transitions from an online magazine into a hub for the CZP community.

While CZP does not publish poetry, using the month to raise awareness of sh*tty poetry does not fit in the least with the publisher’s raison d’être of providing top-notch genre fiction with solid literary qualities. But they found it impossible to resist a month of sh*tty poetry. CZP believes too many people are under the impression that they can write poetry. As a less restrictive literary form than novels or short fiction, the poetic form seems to lend itself to writers who think, “How hard can this really be?” The answer of course is: “Not very.” Not if it’s sh*tty.

“So many people take themselves and their ‘poetry’ so seriously,” says co-publisher and wannabe sh*tty poet Sandra Kasturi. “In an effort to be earnest, meaningful, or whatever they are trying to do, they come across pompous and self-involved. In other words: sh*tty poetry. We thought we’d stick a finger in their eye and show just how sh*tty poetry can be. I look forward to debuting my own sh*tty poem, ‘Starcats!’ next month.”

CZP is currently closed to further submissions of sh*tty poetry, but may expand its call next year.

The first sh*tty poem will go online Monday, April 1.

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