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Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction for 3/21/2013

After being informed by my wife that I was not allowed to do any “work” on our family vacation, I spent the past two weeks neglecting each and every one of you. So there’s a backlog that we’ll get through over the next four days. We’d better get started!

What’s special about today’s free fiction?

  1. Thanks to a note from Cattfish: The first issue of Galaxy’s Edge, edited by Mike Resnick
  2. Beneath Ceaseless Skies #116 – March 7, 2013
  3. Lovecraft eZine #22 – February 2013


Written – Flash

Written – Serialized


Audio – Serialized

Free eBooks (at time of listing)


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3 Comments on Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction for 3/21/2013

  1. There were quite a few free Baen classics on Amazon this weekend. I picked up The Course of Empire, On Basilisk Station, and With the Lightnings, as well as Agent of Change.

  2. I like the (relatively) recent splitting of the list to show flash fiction, short stories, novellas, etc separately. That is helpful to readers.

    Similarly, I’d suggest separating original stories from reprints. I’m sure that would create more work, unfortunately…

  3. Galaxy’s Edge is surprisingly good. The reprints are A material, and the newcomers are quite nice too. The non-fiction part is solid. The serialized novel has some amazing world building.

    Didn’t quite get “Creator of the Cosmos Job Interview Today”, but it started very promissing. The ending just didn’t make sense to me.

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