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At Kirkus Reviews: Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword Volume One

On the Kirkus Reviews Blog today, I take a look at a Comic Anthology from Dark Horse called, Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword Volume One.

From the post:

When you think of Robert E. Howard, you probably go straight to Conan, arguably his most famous character.  But Howard, like most authors, had many more characters and stories beyond Conan.  Dark Horse Comics brings many of those characters together in their new Graphic Novel, Savage Sword Volume One.

Not too long ago here at the Kirkus Reviews Blog, I talked about Once Upon A Time Machine, an anthology of short stories in comic form.  Savage Sword is in that same vein.  It collects original stories featuring Howard’s characters, many of whom you may not be familiar with.  Yes, Conan is there, but so are John Silent, Dark Agnes and The Sonara Kid, to name just a few.

Click over to the Kirkus Reviews Blog to read the rest of the post.

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