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Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Tidbits for 3/1/13

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1 Comment on Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Tidbits for 3/1/13

  1. So many teases in Sanderson’s post about the new Stormlight Archives book. It is a killer waiting so long between books.

    Sad and scary to read about Maria Doria Russell’s experience with her publisher. As we know, publishing is a business, but it is unpleasant to be reminded of it in that way when it comes to discussing products that are of the creative variety.

    After listening to the podcast with Mary Robinette Kowal I’m going to have to order a UK version of Shades of Milk and Honey as I’m curious about her changes to the story. And it would be nice to have books with matching covers, despite the fact that I liked the first cover.

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