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Cover & Synopsis: “Evening’s Empires (Quiet War 4)” by Paul McAuley

Paul McAuley has posted the cover art and synopsis of the upcoming novel Evening’s Empires, the third fourth book in his Quiet War series, due to be published in July 18th.

Here’s the synopsis:

In the far future, a young man stands on a barren asteroid. His ship has been stolen, his family kidnapped or worse, and all he has on his side is a semi-intelligent spacesuit. The only member of the crew to escape, Hari has barely been off his ship before. It was his birthplace, his home and his future.

He’s going to get it back.

McAuley’s latest novel is set in the same far-flung future as his last few novels, but this time he takes on a much more personal story. This is a tale of revenge, of murder and morality, of growing up and discovering the world around you. Throughout the novel we follow Hari’s viewpoint, and as he unravels the mysteries that led to his stranding, we discover them alongside him. But throughout his journeys, Hari must always bear one thing in mind.

Nobody is to be trusted.

Book info as per Amazon UK and Amazon US:

  • Hardcover: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Gollancz (18 July 2013)
  • ISBN-10: 0575100788
  • ISBN-13: 978-0575100787
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5 Comments on Cover & Synopsis: “Evening’s Empires (Quiet War 4)” by Paul McAuley

  1. Hopefully to be published in the US. His most recent book (In the Mouth of the Whale) I could only get through a third-party. Hopefully it is a actual new book and the author will get a cut of the price!

  2. It’s the 4th book in the Quiet War series,not the 3rd.

    The Quiet War
    1 The Quiet War (2008)
    2 Gardens of the Sun (2009)
    3 In the Mouth of the Whale (2012)

    • Thanks, John. You are correct! Amazon is listing it as books 3.

      I asked Paul himself to confirm. he did, and also added of the new book “It returns to the Solar System, is set a few decades after the events of ITMOTW, and can be read, I hope, as a standalone.”

  3. Weird how In the Mouth of the Whale never came out in America. I hear it’s good.

    • I had heard that the first two books apparently did not do as well as the publisher hoped. That publisher also seems to be going more and more towards fantasy.

      There’s an eBook only collection of stories set in this series for anybody interested.

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