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Daily Science Fiction Roster of Stories for May 2013

Daily Science Fiction has announced its May 2013 line-up of free stories. All stories will appear on the web one week after their email publication.

  • May 1: “Persephone at Arm’s Length” by Bridget A. Natale
  • May 2: “Lyam” by jez patterson
  • May 3: “Things We Leave Behind” by Alex Shvartsman
  • May 6: “The Taking Tree” by Emily C. Skaftun
  • May 7: “Smaug, MD” by Andrew Kaye
  • May 8: “Puss” by Melissa Mead [Twisted Fairy Tales]
  • May 9: “Ichor” by Jess Hyslop
  • May 10: “The Princess and Her Tale” by Mari Ness
  • May 13: “Forgiving Dead” by Jeff Stehman
  • May 14: “The Troll (A Tale Told Collectively)” by Marissa Lingen
  • May 15: “Airship Hope” by Laurel Amberdine
  • May 16: “Puppet Man” by Cate Gardner
  • May 17: “The Last Tiger” by Joanne Anderton
  • May 20: “Private Memories” by Michael Haynes
  • May 21: “The Left Side of Your Lover’s Broken Face” by Brynn MacNab
  • May 22: “Dream, or Reality?” by Melissa Mead [Twisted Fairy Tales]
  • May 23: “Nitpick” by K.S. O’Neill
  • May 24: “An Exodus of Wings” by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam
  • May 27: “The Bargain” by Henry Szabranski
  • May 28: “The Wheel of Fortune” by Alexander Lumans
  • May 29: “Jumbo Gumdrop Serenade” by Catherine E. Tobler
  • May 30: “Ghosts in the Walls” by Shannon Peavey
  • May 31: “The Suit” by Robert Reed
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