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Jeff Carlson: Too Hot For North America (Free eBook!)

Jeff Carlson, author of The Frozen Sky, has released new “author’s cut” e-book editions of his Plague Year trilogy. Unfortunately, due to his contracts with Ace, the new editions are available only outside North America – and this weekend, the first book (Plague Year) is free!

Here is the revised jacket copy:

At last, the author’s cut of the bestselling apocalyptic thriller! The all-new Plague Year is twenty pages longer, less expensive, and packed with artwork.

“Terrifying.” –Scott Sigler
“Riveting.” –David Brin
“Rock-hard realistic.” –James Rollins

The nanotech was intended to save lives. Instead, it killed five billion people, devouring all warm-blooded lifeforms except on the highest mountain peaks.

The safe line is 10,000 feet. Below, there is only death. Above, there is famine and war. Mankind’s final hope rests with a scientist aboard the International Space Station – and with one man in California who gambles everything on a desperate mission into the ruins of the old world…

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  1. As it so happens, SF Signal Irregular Josh Vogt lives in Leadville, the capital of the United States in this nanotech plagued world…

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