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TOC: ‘A Very British History’ by Paul McAuley

Here is the table of contents for the Paul McAuley’s new collection from PS Publishing, A Very British History: The Best Science Fiction Stories of Paul Mcauley, 1985–2011:

Here’s the book description:


While the use of genetically engineered dolls in combat games in near-future Holland poses profound ethical questions, their liberated cousins threaten to alter the nature of human existence; on an artificial world beyond the edge of the Milky Way, one of the last humans triggers a revolution amongst alien races abandoned there by her ancestors; in the ocean of Europa, a hunter confronts a monster with its own agenda; in ‘The Two Dicks’, bestselling author Philip K. Dick has a life-changing meeting with President Nixon; while in ‘Cross Road Blues’ the fate of American history hinges on the career of an itinerant blues musician; and in the Sturgeon Award-winning novella ‘The Choice’, two young men make very different decisions about how they will come to terms with a world transformed by climate change and alien interference.

Selected by the author himself from his output across over a quarter of a century, this landmark collection contains the very finest science fiction stories by one of Britain’s foremost masters of the genre. From sharply satirical alternate histories to explorations of the outer edges of biotechnology, from tales of extravagant far futures to visions of the transformative challenges of deep space, they showcase the reach and restless intelligence of a writer Publishers Weekly has praised as being ‘one of the field’s finest practitioners’.

Paul McAuley has published 19 crime and science-fiction novels, including Fairyland, which won the Arthur C. Clarke and John W. Campbell Awards, Mind’s Eye, The Quiet War, and Gardens of the Sun. His latest novel is Evening’s Empires. He has also published over eighty short stories, winning the British Fantasy Society award for ‘The Temptation of Doctor Stein’, the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award for ‘The Choice’ and the Philip K. Dick Award for ‘Four Hundred Billion Stars’. Formerly a research biologist, he is now a full-time writer, and lives in North London.

Here’s the table of contents…

  1. “Little Ilya and Spider and Box”
  2. “The Temporary King”
  3. “Cross Road Blues”
  4. “Gene Wars”
  5. “Prison Dreams”
  6. “Children of the Revolution”
  7. “Recording Angel”
  8. “Second Skin”
  9. “All Tomorrow’s Parties”
  10. “17”
  11. “Sea Change, With Monsters”
  12. “How We Lost the Moon, A True Story by Frank W. Allen”
  13. “A Very British History”
  14. “The Two Dicks”
  15. “Meat”
  16. “Rocket Boy”
  17. “The Thought War”
  18. “City of the Dead”
  19. “Little Lost Robot”
  20. “Shadow Life”
  21. “The Choice”

Book info as per PS Publishing:

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