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[TRAILER] Thor: The Dark World

Marvel’s Phase 2 domination of filmdom kicks off with Iron Man 3, but we’ll also get to see a bunch more superhero movies. Like this one, Thor: The Dark World, which takes place some time after the first movie. I’m not sure what exactly is going on, but it somehow involves Christopher Eccleston, Loki and his not sudden-and-inevitable betrayal. I was somewhat underwhelmed by the fist movie and I can’t say this one does a whole lot for me either.

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5 Comments on [TRAILER] Thor: The Dark World

  1. The fantasy parts of Thor held my interest in an action-y sort of way. When the story moved to Earth, I got bored. Natalie Portman served no purpose in the film and I’m assuming serves little purpose here that any other actor could reproduce. Like the first one, I’ll wait until it’s released on DVD.

  2. As for me, I liked Thor, especially when it stuck to the cosmic level and cosmic-set stuff. (Although Kat Dennings made the Earth stuff fun. “He was freaking me out!”)

  3. I had high hopes for Thor. But when The Avengers movie is the best “Thor” movie (including what this teaser shows), that is a sad thing.

  4. Sorry you are feeling a little sore about the “fist” movie you saw? Frankly, Thor nailed it for me and is another reason The Avengers was a success. Not a Portman fan really, but have any of the leading women in these superhero films been more than eye candy or a damsel in distress?

  5. I don’t get the snarky “fist” reference but whatever. And, no, the women in these films have been peripheral to the action at best. I’m not a fan nor a detractor of Portman but she was dull in Thor.

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