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176 New Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Releases for May 2013 (A HUGE Book Cover Gallery)

Here’s your one-stop, monthly roundup of sf/f/h (and related) reads coming your way.

Do any of these look interesting to you?

  1. A Questionable Shape by Bennett Sims (Two Dollar Radio)
  2. Across a Billion Years by Robert Silverberg (Open Road Media)
  3. After Earth by Peter David (Del Rey)

  1. Alien in the House (Katherine ‘kitty’ Katt) by Gini Koch (DAW)
  2. All My Friends Are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman (Coach House Books)
  3. Another, Vol. 1 by Yukito Ayatsuji (Yen Press)
  1. Antiagon Fire (Imager Portfolio) by L. E. Modesitt (Tor Books)
  2. Any Other Name by Emma Newman (Angry Robot)
  3. Apocalypse Cow by Michael Logan (St. Martin’s Griffin)
  1. Artifice by Alex Woolfson (AMW Comics)
  2. Assassins’ Dawn by Stephen Leigh (DAW)
  3. At Winter’s End (The New Springtime) by Robert Silverberg (Open Road Media)
  1. Awake in the Dream World: The Art of Audrey Niffenegger by Audrey Niffenegger & Susan Fisher Sterling & Krystyna Wasserman & Mark Pascale (powerHouse Books)
  2. Baneblade by Guy Haley (Games Workshop)
  3. Beyond the Doors of Death by Robert Silverberg & Damien Broderick (Phoenix Pick)
  1. Beyond the Mists of Katura (Elves) by James Barclay (Gollancz)
  2. Binding the Shadows (Arcadia Bell) by Jenn Bennett (Pocket Books)
  3. Blake’s 7: Project Avalon by Trevor Hoyle (AudioGO Ltd.)
  1. Blood and Bone: A Novel of the Malazan Empire by Ian C. Esslemont (Tor Books)
  2. Brothers to the Death (The Saga of Larten Crepsley) by Darren Shan (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers)
  3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 Volume 3: Guarded by Andrew Chambliss & Jane Espenson & Drew Z. Greenberg (Dark Horse)
  1. Burden of Duty & Grey Angel by James Swallow & John French (Black Library)
  2. Children of the Gates by Andre Norton (Baen)
  3. Chung Kuo: The Rise of China: Son of Heaven and Daylight on Iron Mountain by David Wingrove (Corvus)
  1. Damocles by S. G. Redling (47North)
  2. Dead Ever After: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood) by Charlaine Harris (Ace Hardcover)
  3. Dead Man’s Deal: The Asylum Tales by Jocelynn Drake (Harper Voyager)
  1. Deathlands 109: Chrono Spasm by James Axler (GraphicAudio)
  2. Deathwatch by Steve Parker (Games Workshop)
  3. Deeply Odd (Odd Thomas) by Dean Koontz (Bantam)
  1. Dinocalypse Now by Chuck Wendig (Evil Hat Productions, LLC)
  2. Doctor Who and the Curse of Peladon (Classic Novels) by Brian Hayles (AudioGO Limited)
  3. Doctor Who and the Visitation: An Unabridged Classic Doctor Who Novel by Eric Saward (AudioGO Ltd.)
  1. Doctor Who: Babblesphere: Destiny of the Doctor, #4 (Doctor Who – Destiny of the Doctor) by Jonathan Morris (AudioGO Ltd.)
  2. Doctor Who: Smoke and Mirrors (Destiny of the Doctor 5) by Steve Lyons (AudioGO Limited)
  3. Doctor Who: Who-ology by Cavan Scott & Mark Wright (BBC Books)
  1. Doll Bones by Holly Black (Margaret K. McElderry Books)
  2. Dragon Resurrection by Mark Byers & Lin Zhang & Lyan Zhang & Erfan Fajar (Dark Horse)
  3. Dreamer by Patrick O’Scheen (Tate Publishing)
  1. Elves: The Omnibus by Graham McNeill (Games Workshop)
  2. Faeryland: The Secret World of the Hidden Ones by John Matthews (Abrams)
  3. Fearsome Journeys: The New Solaris Book of Fantasy edited by Jonathan Strahan (Solaris)
  1. Feed by M. T. Anderson (Walker Books Ltd)
  2. Fiery Edge of Steel (A Noon Onyx Novel) by Jill Archer (Ace)
  3. Fire Above, Fire Below: A Tor.Com Original by Garth Nix (Tor Books)
  1. Fist of Demetrius (The Macharian Crusade) by William King (The Black Library)
  2. Forever: The World of Nightwalkers (World of the Nightwalkers) by Jacquelyn Frank (Ballantine Books)
  3. Fringe – The Zodiac Paradox (Novel #1) by Christa Faust (Titan Books)
  1. Galaxy’s Edge Magazine: Issue 2 May 2013 by Mercedes Lackey & David Gerrold (Galaxy’s Edge)
  2. Generation V by M.L. Brennan (Roc)
  3. Gentleman Junkie and other stories of the hung-up generation by Harlan Ellison (Subterranean)
  1. Ghost Spin by Chris Moriarty (Spectra)
  2. Gilead’s Curse by Dan Abnett & Nik Vincent (Games Workshop)
  3. Gilgamesh the King by Robert Silverberg (Open Road Media)
  1. Gods and Monsters: Unclean Spirits by Chuck Wendig (Abaddon)
  2. Greenbeard by Richard James Bentley (Exterminating Angel Press)
  3. Grimoire of the Lamb: An Iron Druid Chronicles Novella by Kevin Hearne (Del Rey)
  1. H. P. Lovecraft’s Dark Arcadia: The Satire, Symbology and Contradiction by Gavin Callaghan (Mcfarland & Co Inc Pub)
  2. Headtaker (Warhammer Heroes) by David Guymer (The Black Library)
  3. Hearts of Iron: A Foreworld SideQuest (The Foreworld Saga) by Scott James Magner (47North)
  1. Hello America: A Novel by J. G. Ballard (Liveright)
  2. House of Steel: The Honorverse Companion by David Weber (Baen)
  3. I Travel by Night by Robert McCammon (Subterranean)
  1. In Search of Alania by Timothy R. Oesch (Tate Publishing)
  2. Interview with the Vampire: Claudia’s Story by Anne Rice (Yen Press)
  3. Into the Void: Star Wars (Dawn of the Jedi) by Tim Lebbon (LucasBooks)
  1. Iron Sky by Gerry Kissell, Amin Amat, Mikko Rautalahti (IDW Publishing)
  2. Issue in Doubt by David Sherman (Dark Quest, LLC)
  3. Jack of Coins: A Tor.Com Original by Christopher Rowe (Tor Books)
  1. Jane (The Warriors of Love) by P. F. Jeffery (Chomu Press)
  2. John Constantine: Hellblazer Vol. 5: Dangerous Habits (New Edition) (Hellblazer (Graphic Novels)) by Jamie Delano & Garth Ennis (Vertigo)
  3. Known Devil by Justin Gustainis (Angry Robot)
  1. Last Summer at Mars Hill: and Other Short Stories by Elizabeth Hand (Open Road Media)
  2. Life on the Preservation by Jack Skillingstead (Solaris)
  3. Love Among the Particles by Norman Lock (Bellevue Literary Press)
  1. Lovecraft and Influence: His Predecessors and Successors (Studies in Supernatural Literature) Robert H. Waugh (Scarecrow Press)
  2. Magic: The Gathering Volume 3: Path of Vengeance by Matt Forbeck (IDW Publishing)
  3. Magician’s End: Book Three of the Chaoswar Saga by Raymond E. Feist (Harper Voyager)
  1. Make Good Art by Neil Gaiman (William Morrow)
  2. Marada the She-Wolf by Chris Claremont (Titan Books)
  3. Mass Effect Library Edition Volume 1 by Mac Walters & John Jackson Miller & Jeremy Barlow & Patrick Weekes & John Dombrow & Omar Francia & Eduardo Francisco & Chris Staggs & Garry Brown & Jean Diaz (Dark Horse)
  1. Mending the Moon by Susan Palwick (Tor Books)
  2. Mermaids: an Anthology : a Beautiful Illustrated Collection of Verse and Prose by Steve Dobell (Lorenz Books)
  3. Minotaur: A Jim Chapel Story by David Wellington (William Morrow)
  1. My Supplier by Sarah Stefaniak (Tate Publishing)
  2. Nebula Awards Showcase 2013 by Sarah Stefaniak (Pyr)
  3. Never (Lightbringer) by K.D. Mcentire (Pyr)
  1. Nightwings by Robert Silverberg (Open Road Media Iconic Books)
  2. Noble V: Greylancer by Hideyuki Kikuchi (VIZ Media LLC)
  3. Oberon’s Dreams (The Godlanders War) by Aaron Pogue (47North)
  1. One Small Step: An Anthology of Discoveries edited by Tehani C. Wessely (FableCroft Publishing)
  2. Paratexts: Introductions to Science Fiction and Fantasy by James Gunn (Scarecrow Press)
  3. Pathfinder Tales: Pirate’s Honor by Chris A. Jackson (Paizo Publishing, LLC.)
  1. Portal (Boundary) by Eric Flint & Ryk E. Spoor (Baen)
  2. Prepare to Die! by Paul Tobin (Night Shade Books)
  3. Red Moon: A Novel by Benjamin Percy (Grand Central Publishing)
  1. Redcaps’ Queen by Danielle Ackley-McPhail (Dark Quest, LLC)
  2. Sagas of Conan by L. Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter & Bjorn Nyberg (Tor Books)
  3. Jerusalem Commands: The Third Volume of the Colonel Pyat Quartet: 3 by Michael Moorcock (PM Press)
  1. Sailing to Byzantium: Six Novellas by Robert Silverberg (Open Road Media)
  2. Samantha Moon Rising: Including Books 5, 6, and 7 in the Vampire for Hire Series: Vampire Dawn, Vampire Games, Moon Island, Plus the Short Story “Teeth” by J.R. Rain (BenBella Books)
  3. Saturn Apartments, Vol. 7 by Hisae Iwaoka (VIZ Media LLC)
  1. Shadows of Falling Night: A Novel of the Shadowspawn by S. M. Stirling (Roc Hardcover)
  2. Shall We Gather: A Tor.Com Original by Alex Bledsoe (Tor Books)
  3. Shaman of Stonewylde by Kit Berry (Gollancz)
  1. Shield of Sea and Space (The Chaos Knight Book Three) by Erin Hoffman (Pyr)
  2. Silver by Chris Wooding (Scholastic Fiction)
  3. Sorry Please Thank You: Stories (Vintage Contemporaries) by Charles Yu (Vintage)
  1. Star Trek – Countdown to Darkness Movie Prequel (Art Cover) by Mike Johnson & David Messina (Titan Books Ltd)
  2. Star Trek Into Darkness by Alan Dean Foster (Pocket Books/Star Trek)
  3. Star Trek: The Original Series: The Shocks of Adversity by William Leisner (Pocket Books/Star Trek)
  1. Star Wars – Knight Errant: Escape v. 3 by John Jackson Miller & Marco Castiello (Titan Books Ltd)
  2. Steampunk Magazine #9 edited by Margaret Killjoy (Combustion Books)
  3. Super Bass: A Tor.Com Original by Kai Ashante Wilson (Tor Books)
  1. Taken by a Vampire (Vampire Queen) by Joey W. Hill (Berkley Trade)
  2. Tales of Majipoor by Robert Silverberg (Roc Trade)
  3. Tamsin by PeterS. Beagle (NAL)
  1. Tarnished (Silver) by Rhiannon Held (Tor Books)
  2. Tempest Reborn (Jane True) by Nicole Peeler (Orbit)
  3. Terminal Atrocity Zone: Ballard: J.G. Ballard 1966-73 by J.G. Ballard (Sun Vision Press)
  1. The Alteration (New York Review Books Classics) by Kingsley Amis (NYRB Classics)
  2. The Ascension of Balthasar (Space Marine Battles) by C. Z. Dunn (The Black Library)
  3. The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness (Walker Books Ltd)
  1. The Ballad of Halo Jones by Alan Moore & Ian Gibson & Lauren Beukes (2000 AD Graphic Novels)
  2. The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All by Laird Barron (Night Shade Books)
  3. The Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig (Angry Robot)
  1. The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories by Joanne Anderton (FableCroft Publishing)
  2. The Button Man and the Murder Tree: A Tor.Com Original by Cherie Priest (Tor Books)
  3. The Clone Rebellion: Clone Elite Bk. 4 by Steven L. Kent (Titan Books Ltd)
  1. The Collected Stories of Carol Emshwiller: Vol. 2 by Carol Emshwiller (NonStop Press)
  2. The Daedalus Incident by Michael J Martinez (Night Shade Books)
  3. The Deadly Streets by Harlan Ellison (Subterranean)
  1. The Drowned World: A Novel (50th Anniversary) by J. G. Ballard (Liveright)
  2. The Eighth Court (Courts of the Feyre) by Mike Shevdon (Angry Robot)
  3. The Elephant in the Room: A Tor.Com Original by Paul Cornell (Tor Books)
  1. The Fall of Arthur by J.R.R. Tolkien (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
  2. The Fall of Scourge by Sam Richardson (Tate Publishing)
  3. The Fictional Man by Al Ewing (Solaris)
  1. The Garden of Stones (Echoes of Empire) by Mark Barnes (47North)
  2. The Gist by Michael Marshall Smith (Subterranean)
  3. The Havoc Machine: A Novel of the Clockwork Empire by Steven Harper (Roc)
  1. The Healer: A Novel by Antti Tuomainen (Henry Holt and Co.)
  2. The Human Division by John Scalzi (Tor Books)
  3. The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier: Guardian by Jack Campbell (Ace Hardcover)
  1. The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier: Guardian Bk. 3 by Jack Campbell (Titan Books Ltd)
  2. The Middle Kingdom (Chung Kuo) by David Wingrove (Atlantic Books)
  3. The Mist-Torn Witches by Barb Hendee (Roc)
  1. The Motions of a Reckless Soul by Zachary James Davis (Tate Publishing)
  2. The New Hero Volume 2: New Heroes for a New Age Robin D. Laws (Editor), Gene Ha (Illustrator) (Stone Skin Press)
  3. The Originals by Cat Patrick (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers)
  1. The Planet Thieves by Dan Krokos (Starscape)
  2. The Queen of Springtime: 2 (The New Springtime) by Robert Silverberg (Open Road Media)
  3. The Red Plague Affair (Bannon and Clare) by Lilith Saintcrow (Orbit)
  1. The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson (Tor Teen)
  2. The Shambling Guide to New York City (The Shambling Guides) by Mur Lafferty (Orbit)
  3. The Simon & Kirby Library: Science Fiction by Joe Simon (Titan Books)
  1. The Stranger’s Shadow: The Labyrinths of Echo (Book 4) by Max Frei (Overlook Hardcover)
  2. The Summer Man by S.D. Perry (47North)
  3. The Transgressive Iain Banks: Essays on a Writer Beyond Borders by Martyn Colebrook & Katharine Cox (McFarland)
  1. The Truth Sayers Series by Dr. Sharron Larter Akers (Tate Publishing)
  2. The Tyrant’s Law (The Dagger and the Coin) by Daniel Abraham (Orbit)
  3. The Unlimited Dream Company: A Novel by J. G. Ballard (Liveright)
  1. The Vanishing Vampire: A Monsterrific Tale by David Lubar (Starscape)
  2. Three Chords of Chaos by James Chambers (Dark Quest, LLC)
  3. To Live Again and The Second Trip: The Complete Novels by Robert Silverberg (Open Road Media)
  1. Tunnel Out of Death by Jamil Nasir (Tor Books)
  2. Vyrkarion: The Talisman of Anor by J A Cullum (EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing)
  3. War over Lemuria: Richard Shaver, Ray Palmer and the Strangest Chapter of 1940s Science Fiction by Richard Toronto (Mcfarland & Co Inc Pub)
  1. Warriors: Part Three of the Druids trilogy by Barbara Galler-Smith & Josh Langston (EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing)
  2. We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler (A Marian Wood Book/Putnam)
  3. Writers Workshop of Science Fiction & Fantasy edited by Michael Knost (Seventh Star Press, LLC)
  1. Yellowcake by Margo Lanagan (Knopf Books for Young Readers)
  2. Zenn Scarlett by Christian Schoon (Strange Chemistry)
  3. Zero Point (The Owner) by Neal Asher (Night Shade Books)
  1. Zombie Versus Fairy Featuring Albinos by James Marshall (ChiZine Publications)
  2. King’s Gambit by Mark Nelson (Hadley Rille Books)

Also available in May 2013 (No covers available at the time of post creation):

(Note: Release information was sourced from Amazon US and elsewhere. Most reprints have been omitted. Release dates subject to change. So there. And yes, I know that some of the Night Shade titles may be slipping…but it seems only fair to give the authors some time in the limelight)

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12 Comments on 176 New Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Releases for May 2013 (A HUGE Book Cover Gallery)

  1. David Greybeard // May 1, 2013 at 9:30 am //

    These posts are my favorites. Thank you for all the work collecting these month after month.

  2. What would I like? The Ballards. Waugh’s book on Lovecraft. Emshwiller’s and Fowler’s collections. Laird Barron’s new book for sure. Curious how James Gunn is dealing with paratexts in his book. I think the Moorcock is coming in with our next PM Press shipment, so I’ll grab a copy of that.

  3. Damn, that’s a lot of reading!

  4. Thanks for putting THE DAEDALUS INCIDENT on the list. Sadly, due to the ongoing Night Shade Books mess, and the pending deal to acquire its assets by Skyhorse Publishing, the book’s going to be…late. Hopefully June, more likely July, depending on if and when the deal closes.

    I’m updating my site with news as soon as I get it, so stop by for updates.

    One way or another, DAEDALUS will sail. Just don’t know when yet!

  5. Geez, there are enough books coming out this month to keep a person busy for a year! I know there are plenty of titles there that I want to read!

  6. I agree with David, these are the best posts.

    Thanks Michael for the Daedalus Project update, that is one I’m looking forward to.

    Also looking to pick up:

    The Fearsome Journeys anthology
    The Human Division by John Scalzi
    Zero Point by Neal Asher

    Not too bad this month!

  7. I gotta thank you too John. I know these posts are a ton of work bu they are so useful. I always pop in to see what’s being published over the coming month.

  8. Jason Maxwell // June 27, 2013 at 2:22 pm //

    Thanks a lot for spending the time to put this list together. I’ve bookmarked this page since there were so many that I want to check back on. I would have definitely added Casualties of War by Bennett R. Coles.

    This is a book that offers so much. The characters are really well developed and the story feels fresh and original throughout. Coles has written a true gem for the genre. If you are not aware of this book already here is a brief synopsis from the authors website;

    “With a colonial rebellion put down, the veterans of Expeditionary Force 15 can return to Earth. But the welcome they may have expected isn’t waiting for them. The State is on a witch-hunt for someone to blame for the recent war. The Astral Force has placed incompetents in charge of developing a new super-weapon. Families and friends have no concept of what happened amongst the stars. And subtle forces from the colonies are secretly at work.”

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