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An Interview with BLOOD KISS Writer Michael Reaves and Stars Neil Gaiman and Amber Benson

Michael Reaves is the author of over 25 novels, numerous short stories, and has also written extensively for animated and live action television. Michael was kind enough to join us to answer a few questions about his new project, a film called Blood Kiss, along with its stars, Neil Gaiman and Amber Benson!

The Kickstarter for Blood Kiss just met their first goal yesterday! Says Co-Producer Leah Cevoli:

We’ve had such an amazing amount of support from the fans of not just Michael, Amber, and Neil, but fans of Film Noir and Vampires as well! We hit our goal of $50,000, with 16 days left on the clock, and are now excitedly going for our stretch goals. $100,000 is our next goal, and our backers are just as excited about this as we are!

More info can be found at the Blood Kiss Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as the The Blood Kiss Kickstarter page.

And now…the interview with Michael, Neil and Amber!


Michael Reaves

Kristin Centorcelli: Michael, will you tell us a bit about the project and what inspired the story of Blood Kiss?

Michael Reeves: Actually, it was originally going to be a novel. But my editor had some suggestions that took it in another direction, and when it was finished, I realized they were different enough that I had two ideas for the price of one.

KC: What are some of the biggest challenges (besides money) do you foresee in getting Blood Kiss made?

MR: Well, money is the root from which all other problems spring. Truthfully, if we can drum up enough dead presidents, I don’t foresee any other problems. We’ve got a solid, professional crew, and there’s nothing in the script that’s enough of a money shot as to break its back.

KC: Michael, you’re writing is prolific, and you’ve written much in the Star Wars universe, and much, much more. Why vampires?

MR: Why not? Seriously, I’d planned on it being a novel at first, but what kept tripping me up was the supernatural aspect. I love horror, but sometimes I get too logical for my own good. In this case I just couldn’t get past the idea that for hundreds of years no one noticed that certain people cast no reflection in a mirror. Or left bloodless corpses lying about. Or tended to rather spectacularly burst into flame when exposed to jolly old Mr. Sun. Come on! Van Helsing once said that “The strength of the vampire is that no one believes in him.” Well, maybe; but the fact that everyone he runs into is obviously blind, deaf and thick as two planks doesn’t hurt any either.

So I kept this on a slow cerebral simmer for some time, and eventually I read an article about ants turned into zombie ants (I know, right?) by a brain-eating parasitic fungus. I quickly realized that this was more than enough justification for a symbiote that affected people, and I had a believable start.

KC: If Blood Kiss is successful, can you see yourself taking on another project in this universe again?

MR: Anything’s possible, I guess, but to quote the clairvoyant Magic 8 Ball: REPLY HAZY; ASK AGAIN LATER.

Neil Gaiman

KC: What first attracted you to the project?

Neil Gaiman: What first attracted me to the project was Michael telling me he’d written a part for me. And that it wasn’t a writer. (I’ve played lots of variants on myself now, which is fun, but isn’t challenging.)

KC: This will be your first foray into acting! Are you excited, nervous (all of the above?)

NG: I’m not excited, no. I’m slightly nervous, but what I am mostly is, terrified.

Amber Benson

KC: What intrigues you the most about the story of Blood Kiss?

Amber Benson: The film noir aspects of the script and the singing were the two things that drew me to the project. Any chance to sing is exciting to me!

KC: What convinced you that you’d like to be part of the project?

AB: How wonderful all the people involved in Blood Kiss are – it’s such a fun group that I knew I wanted to play with them!

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