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Daily Science Fiction Roster of Stories for June 2013

Daily Science Fiction has announced its June 2013 line-up of free stories. All stories will appear on the web one week after their email publication.

  • June 03: “Pictures in Crayon” by Elizabeth Shack
  • June 04: “Note to Self” by Hans Hergot
  • June 05: “Three Wishes” by Melissa Mead [Twisted Fairy Tales]
  • June 06: “True Love” by Alex Shvartsman
  • June 07: “The Ships That Stir Upon the Shore” by Rahul Kanakia
  • June 10: “Jumping Into the Sky” by Samantha Murray
  • June 11: “Curing Day” by Dustin T. Adams
  • June 12: “City of Chrysanthemum” by Ken Liu
  • June 13: “Dark, Beautiful Force” by Jessica May Lin
  • June 14: “I’ll Leave the Light On” by Patricia Russo
  • June 17: “The Silver Witch” by Tara Calaby
  • June 18: “Holy Diver” by Gra Linnaea
  • June 19: “Big Bad’s Hot Date” by Melissa Mead [Twisted Fairy Tales]
  • June 20: “Restorative” by Andy Dudak
  • June 21: “While Memory Holds a Seat” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
  • June 24: “All Kinds to Make a World” by Georgina Bruce
  • June 25: “Pinned and Wriggling on the Wall” by Usman T. Malik
  • June 26: “Such Days Deserved” by Lee Hallison
  • June 27: “The Frenchman’s Jihad” by JT Howard
  • June 28: “Melancholia in Bloom” by Damien Walters Grintalis
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