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New eBook: “Cahill’s Homecoming” by Patrick Hester

Now available is the ebook novella Cahill’s Homecoming written by none other than our own Patrick Hester!

Here’s the synopsis:

After fifteen years in space, Cord Cahill is coming home. His parents passed long ago, his younger brother is off defending border worlds from the expanding Republic, and his sister, whom he left behind, is dead. How she died, he doesn’t know. But she left him a video message predicting her own death, and he wants to know what would drive her to do such a thing. His home has changed, but so has Cord, who now wears the gray cloak and hat of a Sentinel. They mark him for what he is; a gun for hire. But this isn’t about Cord, it’s about family, about Katie; how she lived, and ultimately, how she died. This is a novella.

I read this and thought it not only had a great opening hook, but made me want to keep reading it. A dead sister…revenge…intrigue…what’s not to like?

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