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See Your Favorite SF/F Authors Geeking Out For Geek Pride Day

Today is Geek Pride Day, a chance to showcase your inner geek without fear of reprisals. (Well, theoretically, anyway…the people not on the business end of the reprisal likely don’t know of the immunity you possess today. Plus, that immunity is imaginary, so….)

Anywho, Here’s a look at what science fiction and fantasy authors have done to get their geek on, courtesy of Open Road Media, who also helpfully shares 13 Novels to Satisfy Your Inner Geek This Geek Pride Day….

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Award-winning science fiction editor Ellen Datlow on the Iron Throne. Datlow’s anthologies include Alien Sex: 19 Tales by the Masters of Science Fiction and Dark Fantasy.

Timothy Zahn, author of Spinneret and most recently Scoundrels (Star Wars), dressed as Admiral Thrawn sitting in the Emperor’s chair (aka Palpatine or Darth Sidious), flanked by Zam Wesell and Jango Fett.

Star Wars author Timothy Zahn waves a lightsaber fiercely. For more intergalactic battle, check out Zahn’s Blackcollar series.

Barbara Hambly, author of The Rainbow Abyss, dressed up as a pirate. Besides writing bestselling science fiction and fantasy, Hambly does cosplay, Tarot, World of Warcraft, and dances, all of which “feed and nourish the dream world.”

Patricia C. Wrede with Star Wars Stormtroppers outside of the St. Paul Saints baseball field in St. Paul, Minnesota. A Jedi threw out the opening pitch and Darth Vader showed up several times during the game. Wrede is the author of The Lyra Novels, including Shadow Magic.

Sarah Zettel, author of Fool’s War, a New York Times Notable Book, all done up for the Vampire Ball at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention.

Alan Dean Foster, author of the Spellsinger series (and most recently, Star Trek Into Darkness) reading a graphic novel and working on his next book.
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