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TRAILER: Almost Human

Almost Human is a new J.J. Abrams TV series set to debut on Fox at some, as yet to be specified, time. Almost Human stars Karl Urban as a cop forced to partner with a very human-like android. Synopsis follows:

The year is 2048. Meet JOHN KENNEX (Urban), a cop who survived one of the most catastrophic attacks ever made against the police department. After waking up from a 17-month coma, he can’t remember much. Suffering from depression, mental atrophy, trauma-onset OCD, PTSD and the “psychological rejection of his synthetic body part,” John returns to work at the behest of longtime ally Captain Sandra Maldonado. By mandate, every cop must partner with a robot. And despite his passionate aversion to androids, John is paired up with a battle-ready MX-43.

After watching the trailer, I see shades of the anime Ghost in the Shell (good thing) and a bit of the movie version of I, Robot (not necessarily good or bad). What Almost Human has going for it though is that it’s an unabashedly science fictional show on network TV. Sure it’s near future Earth and not in space, but it has robots and other future looking stuff. So I’ll be checking it out when it comes on. Hopefully it won’t be awful. Oh, and since it’s from J.J. Abrams, expect some sort of overarching mystery to the plot.

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6 Comments on TRAILER: Almost Human

  1. Looks great…I just don’t get why they didn’t call it by it’s proper name:
    Holmes and YoYo: The Next Generation

  2. Call me when they make a ‘More Than Human’ tv series adaption.

  3. Still reeling from the end of my favorite TV series FRINGE, I am glad Abrams is back in the saddle with what looks like another potentially promising sci-fi series. Good cast choices as well. Urban is awesome in Star Trek and I loved him in DREDD and Michael Ealy is a fav as well. They look like they could be a good twosome. Fingers crossed…..

  4. Gotta say, looks good. Like the cast, and what I saw of the world, looks like they took sometime and money and made it look good.

  5. For some reason this was not on my radar (and maybe it was because I didn’t care until I saw Karl Urban). However after seeing the promo I’m excited to try this series out! While I’m a little fearful that its on Fox, I’m hoping it will be successful.

    I can’t wait to see the interaction between Karl Urban’s character and Michael Ealy’s characters!

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