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VIDEO: Tom Snyder’s 1994 Interview with Harlan Ellison

Back in 1994, Tom Snyder interviewed Harlan Ellison on CNBC. Ellison was promoting his book Mind Fields, a book featuring paintings by the Polish artist Jacek Yerka and accompanying short stories by Ellison.

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3 Comments on VIDEO: Tom Snyder’s 1994 Interview with Harlan Ellison

  1. Um, actually this is from 1994 when Snyder was on CNBC, before he went on to do the Late, Late Show after Letterman on CBS. Ellison was a frequent guest on that iteration, too. (Check Wikipedia or ISFDB for the pub date for Mind Fields).

  2. Midas68 // May 21, 2013 at 2:24 am //

    Ellison is a Legendary Jerk.
    But he’s also quite Brilliant in many ways!!!(the two are not exclusive from each other)

    Just another example of how imperfect the human species is.

    The story of how he found the young still pissed Vietnam vet in his back yard with a rife ready to shoot him for welshing(I think thats what they call it) on a bet in a poker game is Amazing.

    No telling how many A(Arrogant)-Holes have died before they gave the world something to remember them by instead of pissing off one to many individuals.

    I Hate the guy but I Love em. Thats some type of Voodoo Brilliance if there ever was any.

  3. The Genie service? That takes me back. Good thing we don’t have those negative commenters on the internet today like on Genie anymore. :p

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