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ApolloCon 2013 Report

Chalk up another fun weekend at ApolloCon! This one was a little special for me in that I was invited to be the Fan Guest of Honor. Thanks to the hard working staff, I felt like royalty!

As usual, the highlight of the con for me is connecting with the people, and it was great seeing old sf-loving friends and making new ones. Fellow guests of honor Bradley Denton (who plays a mean guitar), Selina Rosen (who sings a mean tune), and Peri Charlifu (who, unlike my teenage self, can spin a pottery wheel without almost dying…and create to kick-ass looking pieces to boot) did more than their fair share to add to the convention-going experience. It was good to hang with Stina Leicht, Karen Burnham, and Bill and Judy Crider. Others I saw only too briefly, like Martha Wells, Alexis Glynn Latner, AT Campbell, Stephen Dedman and Michael Finn. I was so busy, I completely missed connecting with Cassandra Rose Clark. A special shout-out to uber-fan and super-collector Lawrence “…and More” Person for going easy on me on the interview panel and giving me a nice belly laugh. We had some great discussions in “the pit” about collecting and movies. (SciFis most underrated film in the original Rollerball, which is now on my Netflix queue.)

The panels I was on went well. There was some great discussions with Keri Bas, Bradley, Kathy Thornton, Stina, Bill, Val Villarreal and Chuck Coshow. Tim Miller set a new bar on what it means to be a Doctor Who fan. Every panel I was on or went to did it’s job: got me stoked about some aspect of the genre.

All told, another fun-filled weekend thanks to the attendees of ApolloCon and the people pulling the strings behind the scenes.

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  1. Always good to see you, John, you Hugo-winning dude, you.

  2. Huzzah! Well deserved FGoH goodness, John.

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