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Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction for 6/1/2013

So I just couldn’t decide: was my four part Chapter/Episode One excerpt from After The Fires Went Out: Coyote serialized fiction, or a novel excerpt? It’s designed to be somewhat self-contained, so I did what any attention-hungry Free Fiction King would do. I posted it in both places.

What’s special about today’s free fiction?

  1. Buzzy Mag has a horror story from Annie Neugebauer
  2. Matthew Sanborn Smith’s infamous Beware the Hairy Mango completes its AMAZING month-long MuchoMangoMayo run with #183 – “Pool Man”
  3. Silvia Moreno-Garcia has a third and final excerpt from her upcoming novel, Young Blood. If you haven’t contributed to her crowdfunding campaign for the novel, please consider it. She has powerfully evil friends (hint: Chhulhu and Chadwick Ginther).


Written – Flash

Written – Serialized


Audio – Serialized

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2 Comments on Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction for 6/1/2013

  1. “A Novel by A.A. Volts”.

    What the hell? Somebody better be tossing lightining bolts around in this book. Or maybe using batteries.

  2. “One Life Story” at Every Day Fiction is a nice flash fantasy. The language and style are simple, but the story line is sufficiently intriguing to keep the reader reading on.

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