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Karl Schroeder’s ‘Sun Of Suns’ In (Web) Comic Form

What’s better than steampunk airship pirates encased in weightless bubble of air orbiting the star Virga? Why those very same airship pirates in comic form, free for all to read!

Karl Schroeder is working with Blind Ferret to adapt his first book in the Virga series, Sun of Suns as an online, serialized comic, and it looks great. The series itself is also a lot of fun to read, mixing hard science fiction with pirates and lots of cool action, so check those books out if you haven’t.

A new page of the comic will be released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, along with a blog post. Currently there are 12 pages up for your perusal. If you really, really can’t wait to see it all, you can purchase the 4 issue set from Comixology, which allows you to see it on your tablet of choice. I really like reading comics on my Touchpad so try that out if you haven’t. On your tablet, not mine…

[via Tobias Buckell]

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