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TOC: ‘The Best British Fantasy 2013’ Edited by Steve Haynes

Dark Wolf has posted the table of contents for the upcoming anthology The Best British Fantasy 2013 edited by Steve Haynes:

Here’s the book description:

From the post-apocalyptic American West to the rural terror in New Zealand, this major anthology has evil spirits, bin-Laden style assassinations, steampunk, sexual dysfunction, a twisted version of Peter Pan, the folklore of standing stones, mermaids, alien tour guides, zombies, gruesome beasts, voice-controlled police states, environmental disasters and off world penal colonies. Unmissable. Featuring (among others) Simon Bestwick, Joseph D’Lacey, Cate Gardner, Carole Johnstone, Tyler Keevil, Kim Lakin-Smith, Alison Littlewood, Cheryl Moore, Mark Morris, Adam Neville, Lavie Tidhar, Sam Stone, Steph Swainston, E.J. Swift, Lisa Tuttle, Simon Unsworth, Jon Wallace.

Here’s the table of contents…

  1. “Introduction” by Steve Haynes
  2. “Lips and Teeth” by Jon Wallace
  3. “The Last Osama” by Lavie Tidhar
  4. “Armageddon Fish Pie” by Joseph D’Lacey
  5. “The Complex” by E.J. Swift
  6. “God of the Gaps” by Carole Johnstone
  7. “Corset Wings” by Cheryl Moore
  8. “The Wheel of Fortune” by Steph Swainston
  9. “The Island of Peter Pandora” by Kim Lakin-Smith
  10. “Too Delicate for Human Form” by Cate Gardner
  11. “Imogen” by Sam Stone
  12. “In the Quiet and in the Dark” by Alison Littlewood
  13. “The Scariest Place in the World” by Mark Morris
  14. “Qiqirn” by Simon Kurt Unsworth
  15. “The Third Person” by Lisa Tuttle
  16. “Dermot” by Simon Bestwick
  17. “Fearful Symmetry” by Tyler Keevil
  18. “Pig Thing” by Adam L.G. Nevill

Book info as per Amazon US:

  • Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Salt Publishing (June 15, 2013)
  • ISBN-10: 1907773355
  • ISBN-13: 978-1907773358
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  1. Fantasy has gotten darker and darker every year now for what seems like decades. Where are the more light-hearted tales of wizards, quests, magic and fun? ** sigh **. I miss the “old days.

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