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Top 30 SF Signal Posts for May 2013

In case you missed them, here are The Top 30 SF Signal Posts for May 2013 (not including the daily tidbits posts and frequent free fiction posts):

  1. 176 New Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Releases for May 2013 (A HUGE Book Cover Gallery)
  2. MIND MELD: Which Authors Write the Best Action Stories?
  3. 58 SF/F/H Kindle eBook Deals Under $5
  4. MIND MELD: What is the Literary Appeal of Gods, Goddesses and Myths?
  5. VIDEO: Tom Snyder’s 1994 Interview with Harlan Ellison
  6. MIND MELD: Why is the World of Faerie so Popular in Fantasy?
  7. Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Picks for May 2013
  8. FINALISTS: 2013 Locus Awards (+ Free Fiction Links!)
  9. FINALISTS: 2013 Campbell and Sturgeon Awards (with Free Fiction Links)
  10. WINNERS: 2012 Nebula Awards (Plus: Ray Bradbury Award and Andre Norton Award)
  11. MIND MELD: What Crowd Funding SF/F Novels Means for Authors and Publishers
  12. A 12-Question SF/F/H Book Meme
  13. VIDEO: Everything Wrong With J.J. Abram’s “Star Trek” In 5 Minutes Or Less
  14. MOVIE REVIEW: Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)
  15. MOVIE REVIEW: Iron Man 3 (2013)
  16. The Trailer for “Ender’s Game” Has Arrived
  17. REVIEW: Kobo Aura HD eBook Reader
  18. Coming Soon! More Books in the SF Masterworks Series
  19. [GUEST POST] Jack Campbell Says Sometimes World Building is About What You *Can’t* Do
  20. [GUEST POST] Guy Hasson Says Keep It Stupid, Simpleton
  21. Love Them Landscapes: The Unique Geography of Speculative Fiction
  22. VIDEO: That Time the Death Star Destroyed The Enterprise
  23. VIDEO: Everything You Need to Know Before You See Iron Man 3
  24. The New Heavy Metal Album by…[Wait For It]…Christopher Lee
  25. [VIDEO] Spock Showdown! Zachary Quinto vs. Leonard Nimoy
  26. Kickstarter Preview: “Blood Kiss” by Michael Reaves, Starring Neil Gaiman and Amber Benson
  27. Bad Lip Reading Takes on “The Walking Dead”
  28. VIDEO: Neil Gaiman’s Keynote at the 2013 London Book Fair’s Digital Minds Conference
  29. [GUEST POST] James Tiptree, Jr. Award-Winning Author Kiini Ibura Salaam on Doing What We Can
  30. More Than Warriors: Thoughts on Fantasy and Gender
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