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Cover & Synopsis: “The Judge of Ages” by John C. Wright

Risingshadow has posted the cover art and synopsis of the upcoming novel The Judge of Ages by John C. Wright.

Here’s the synopsis:

The wildly inventive third volume in a series exploring future history and human evolution

The year is 10,515 AD. The Hyades Armada, traveling at near lightspeed, will reach Earth in just four centuries to assess humanity’s value as slaves. For the last 8,000 years, two opposing factions have labored to meet the alien threat in very different ways.

One of them is Ximen del Azarchel, immortal leader of the mutineers from the starship Hermetic and self-appointed Master of the World, who has allowed his followers to tamper continuously with the evolutionary destiny of Man, creating one bizarre race after another in an apparent search for a species the Hyades will find worthy of conquest.

The other is Menelaus Montrose, the posthuman Judge of Ages, whose cryonic Tombs beneath the surface of Earth have preserved survivors from each epoch created by the Hermeticists. Montrose intends to thwart the alien invaders any way he can, and to remain alive long enough to be reunited with his bride Rania, who is on a seventy-millennia journey to confront the Hyades’ masters, tens of thousands of light-years away.

Now, with the countdown to the Hyades’ arrival nearing its end, del Azarchel and Montrose square off for what is to be their final showdown for the fate of Earth, a battle of gunfire and cliometric calculus; powered armor and posthuman intelligence.

Book info as per Amazon US [Also available via Amazon UK]:

  • Hardcover: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Tor Books; First Edition edition (February 25, 2014)
  • ISBN-10: 0765329298
  • ISBN-13: 978-0765329295

This is the third book in the Count to the Eschaton Sequence:

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4 Comments on Cover & Synopsis: “The Judge of Ages” by John C. Wright


    John C. Wright may be a brain-damaged religious whackjob, but the man still writes posthuman space opera better than anyone else on the planet. I don’t give a damn what the man himself is like in Real Life, he deserves my money.

    • I agree. At my age I know I shouldn’t be shocked but, I still am when I learn that individuals who have vivid imaginations and write extremely well can hold such beliefs. I know some will be upset by my saying that but, it seems to me to be the absolute ultimate in cognitive dissonance. Like PHD research biologists believing in Biblical creation.

  2. Looks like another amazing John Harris cover.

  3. Mr Pegritz,

    If I may utter a gentle word of remonstrance:

    Mine is a type of brain damage that requires me to forgive insults delivered to me in public from a man to whom my writing apparently offers some good service as entertainment, and return good for evil.

    I assume an allegedly healthy brain prompts the healthy and thoughtful man, when someone does him a service, to answer him churlishly, and return evil for good.

    If so, the damaged brain is easier to get along with than the healthy one.

    You might want to rethink, with your healthy brain, sir, whether such thinks are a sign of health.

    John C. Wright

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