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Daily Science Fiction Roster of Stories for August 2013

Daily Science Fiction has announced its August 2013 line-up of free stories. All stories will appear on the web one week after their email publication.

  • August 01: “Apology Accepted” by Kathryn Felice Board
  • August 02: “For Sale by Owner” by Kate Heartfield
  • August 05: “Zombie Widows” by Natalie Graham
  • August 06: “Sparg” by Brian Trent
  • August 07: “Memories of Forgetting” by Kenneth S. Kao
  • August 08: “The Traveling Raven Problem” by Ian Watson
  • August 09: “Just Like Clockwork” by K.G. Jewell
  • August 12: “Hiking in My Head” by Gareth D. Jones
  • August 13: “Nova Verba, Mundus Novus” by Ken Liu
  • August 14: “Seawood” by Mari Ness
  • August 15: “In Dreams” by Jeremy Erman
  • August 16: “The Black Bough” by Conor Powers-Smith
  • August 19: “Recognition” by Bill Glover
  • August 20: “The Matchmaker” by Sara Puls
  • August 21: “An Impossible Matter” by Sylvia Hiven
  • August 22: “Tomorrow is Winter” by Callie Celeste Snow
  • August 23: “A Change of Heart” by Rachel Halpern
  • August 26: “A Crown of Woven Nails” by Caroline M. Yoachim
  • August 27: “Three Weddings and an Objection” by MM Domaille
  • August 28: “Love is Orange, Love is Red” by Eric James Stone
  • August 29: “Flip Side” by Chip Houser
  • August 30: “I’ll Never Find Another You” by C J Paget
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