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SF Signal Squashed by Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy on the First Ever SofaCON

The first SofaCon, an online convention, an online international science fiction convention run by Tony Smith of Starship Sofa, has ended. There was lots of great discussion all around.

JP and I participated in a science fiction trivia quiz against John Joseph Adams and David Barr Kirtley of Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy and I wish we could say we decimated them…but the truth is they took a strong, early lead from which we were never able to recover. We came close, ending with a 2.5 point difference out of 40 questions. Not bad, but not enough to win the game. So, congrats to John and Davis and Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy!

And thanks to Tony C. Smith and Amy Sturgis for putting together a fun event!

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