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TUESDAY TUNE: Meco Star Wars, TopPop Style

From 1970 to 1988 TopPop brought all the latest pop hits to Dutch TV. As many of you may recall, 1977 saw the release of a little film called Star Wars, and the inevitable disco version of the theme by Meco. Of course, this version was featured on TopPop and now you can relive that segment in all it’s Dutch pop glory.

WARNING! Incomprehensible disco dancing and costumes ahead!

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4 Comments on TUESDAY TUNE: Meco Star Wars, TopPop Style

  1. Bill Murray singing along would really make that complete.

  2. Jeff Patterson // July 23, 2013 at 3:06 pm //

    I have this on vinyl.
    I am not proud.

  3. I’m probably showing my age and my European background here, but this looks like a standard 1970s music chart show to me. Since music videos were not yet ubiquitous, if they either couldn’t get a live performance of a chart topping song or if there was no performer, because the song was instrumental (as with the Star Wars soundtrack), they’d simply have a bunch of dancers perform a dance routine, while the song played in the background. The costumes are weird (Cowboys? For Star Wars? Really?). However, if this had been the German music program Musikladen rather than the Dutch TopPops, the dancers might well have been topless, because Musikladen’s dance troup often performed topless and in at least one case really distracted some poor guitar-wielding singer/songwriter type who was asked to peform, while a topless lady was dancing right next to him.

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