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Far Future Enterprises and Athans & Associates Publishing Traveller Novels

Get ready for a new line of tie-in novels based on the science-fiction role-playing games Traveller

From a press release:

Far Future Enterprises and Athans & Associates Publishing Traveller Novels

Seattle, August 5, 2013 — Athans & Associates Creative Consulting and Far Future Enterprises have embarked on a venture to publish a line of tie-in novels based on Traveller. One of the first science-fiction role-playing games, the Traveller game system and universe has, over more than three decades, amassed a vital fan community dedicated to a rich and detailed far future science fiction setting,which will now be mined by some of the best authors in the science fiction genre today.

“Science-fiction stories from great authors,” comments Marc Miller, Traveller’s designer, “have the ability to show a different side to this universe. I’m excited about the prospects of sharing new details and insights with a new generation of Traveller fans.”

“I was a Traveller fan from the very beginning and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this story rich setting,” Philip Athans, founding partner of Athans & Associates Creative Consulting said. “The next year will be a big one for Traveller and I’m delighted to be a part of it.” Philip Athans is the former senior managing editor for Wizards of the Coast, where he helped manage the most successful game tie-in publishing enterprise in the world with novel lines for the Dungeons & Dragons settings Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, and more.

The first Traveller novel, Fate of the Kinunirby veteran SF/fantasy author Robert E. Vardeman, was released in multiple e-book formats on August 1, 2013. Fate of the Kinunirwill be followed by new novels by authors including Tim Waggoner, Erik Scott de Bie, Martin J. Dougherty, Darrin Drader, and more—a new book every month for the next year.

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