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Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction for 8/15/2013

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What’s special about today’s free fiction?

  1. Mythic Delirium #0.1 – July – Sept. 2013
  2. Tor has a story from Meghan McCarron
  3. PodCastle has an audio story from Scott H. Andrews


Written – Flash

Written – Micro

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    Of course it stings to not be needed any more, but letting go is part of being a parent. Best of luck on your own, and do visit. Love, God.
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Audio – Serialized

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2 Comments on Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction for 8/15/2013

  1. I read Daniel Fox’s Wizard/Farmer/Princess book a few months ago; it’s a lot of fun. But calling it “historical” is, umm, wrong. It’s one of those “fluffy fantasies” set in a Neverland giving homage to and/or satirizing various tropes of the fantasy genre. “Hysterical” would be more accurate.

    • Thanks, Bruce. Noted and updated.

      And I’m going to pretend that I have a strong enough grasp of history to know that Neverland was never a real place… I mean, wooden shoes and huge dykes? Come on.

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