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  • Borg Like Me is a collection of articles by technologist Gareth Branwyn, who has been writing about the future for the likes of Boing Boing, Wired and MAKE for over 30 years. Borg Like Me delves deep into the history of technology, how the Maker movement bloomed, and more.
  • Dalek Gary – A Doctor Who Parody is a series of six short sketches following the trials of an armor-plated killing machine just trying to blend in with the rest of us. This Kickstarter campaign is brought to you by the people behind The Real Sims.
  • Generation One: Children of Mars is a 3-issue limited comic series created with the goal of getting kids and young adults excited about the possibility of Mars colonization. It tells the story of the first generation of children born on Mars—and what we might become, together, if we have the courage to try. “Someday Mars will have its own Laura Ingalls Wilder to tell the tale of growing up on the new frontier. But with ‘Generation One: Children of Mars,’ we can experience some of that story now. It’s going to be great.”
  • SecretAgentMan by author Richard Saunders is a Kickstarter campaign for supernatural sci-fi novel. SecretAgentMan is the fictional biography of Lawrence Howard. Born in Methuen, Massachusetts in 1956, he is Albert Einstein reincarnate. Saunders has worked alone and in almost complete secrecy since his childhood, slowly and methodically evolving his characters and plotting the epic adventure that will finally be revealed when the novel is released by AnEx Publications.


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