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TOC: ‘Lights In The Deep’ by Brad R. Torgersen

Here’s the table of contents for Brad R. Torgersen’s upcoming collection Lights In The Deep:

Brad says about the book:

The cover for my upcoming short fiction collection, LIGHTS IN THE DEEP. This is a 98.9% complete prototype. Price may shift a little, but not much else will change. The artwork is by Hugo winner Bob Eggleton, who did a smashing painting for one of the two keystone stories in the book, “Ray of Light.” I also got some terrific intro material from Stanley Schmidt, Mike Resnick, and Allan Cole. Included in the book are a lot of personal comments on each of the stories, as well as thoughts and musings about writing, my friends and mentors in the business, and so forth. This book should be rolling of the press in time for SLC ComiCon 2013, in September.

Here’s the table of contents…

  1. “Outbound” (Analog, Nov 2010)
  2. “Gemini 17” (Jim Baen Memorial Contest anthology, Baen Books, 2015)
  3. “Influences: Allan Cole & Chris Bunch”
  4. “The Bullfrog Radio Astronomy Project” (Analog, Oct 2011)
  5. “Exiles of Eden” (Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show, Issue #22)
  6. “Writer Dad: Mike Resnick”
  7. “Footprints” (Licton Springs Review, 2002)
  8. “The Exchange Officers” (Analog, Feb/Mar 2013)
  9. “Essay: On the Growth of Fantasy and the Waning of Science Fiction” (Writers of the Future web site)
  10. “The Chaplain’s Assistant” (Analog, Sept 2011)
  11. “The Chaplain’s Legacy” (Analog, Jul/Aug 2013)
  12. “The Hero’s Tongue: Larry Niven”
  13. “Exanastasis” (L. Ron Hubbard presents Writers and Illustrators of the Future, XXVI)
  14. “Ray of Light” (Analog, Dec 2011)
  15. “Denouement”

The book contains also contains introductions by Stanley Schmidt, Mike Resnick and Allan Cole.

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