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TOC: ‘The Crimson Pact Volume 5’ Edited by Paul Genesse

Check out the the table of contents for the new anthology The Crimson Pact: Volume 5 edited by Paul Genesse:

If you enjoy Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files; Terry Brooks’ Running with Demons (Word and the Void) and Armageddon’s Children (Genesis of Shannara Trilogy); Demon Moon in The Guardian Series by Meljean Brook, Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International, or Patricia Briggs When Demons Walk you will love the Crimson Pact series.

In this book you will find the highly-acclaimed origin story of the Crimson Pact mythology, “The Failed Crusade,” and the epic finale to the entire series, “Sealed with Fire,” powerful novellas by Patrick M. Tracy. Read a story from New York Times’ bestselling author Larry Correia and Hugo Award-nominated Steven Diamond. Enjoy short fiction from: Bram Stoker Award-nominated Lawrence C. Connolly; Writers of the Future Award Winners Bradley P. Beaulieu and Brad R. Torgersen; I-CON Innovative Game Design Award Winner George Strayton; and fiction from the Hugo and Campbell Award-nominated Dan Wells, author of the highly regarded I Am Not A Serial Killer and co-host of the Writing Excuses Podcast.

Original stories also by fan favorites Donald J. Bingle, Kelly Swails, Usman T. Malik, Craig Nybo, Justin Swapp, Danielle DeLisle, Michaele Jordan, Zachary Hill, Chanté McCoy, Stephanie Lorée, Donald Darling, Brett Peterson, and Karen Bovenmyer.

Here’s the table of contents:

  1. “Charybdis” by Dan Wells
  2. “The Failed Crusade” by Patrick M. Tracy
  3. “Eyes Only” by George Strayton
  4. “Kill the Child” by Craig Nybo
  5. “Club PK2” by Justin Swapp
  6. “The Fourth Sign” by Lawrence Connolly
  7. “A Simple Plan” by Kelly Swails
  8. “Someday” by Donald J. Bingle
  9. “Heart in Reverse” by Usman T. Malik
  10. “White Dog, Black Demon” by Danielle DeLisle
  11. “Last Reprise” by Patrick Tracy and Dale McClenning
  12. “Just Desserts” by Michaele Jordan
  13. “Red Snow” by Zachary Hill
  14. “Upon the Point of a Knife” by Bradley P. Beaulieu
  15. “The Search for Crystallized Ginger” by Chanté McCoy
  16. “Guardian of the Headwaters” by Brad R. Torgersen
  17. “To Kill a Thief” by Stephanie Lorée Williams
  18. “Facing the Fear” by Donald Darling
  19. “Violet Sun” by Brett Peterson
  20. “A Choice of Fate” by Steve Diamond and Larry Correia
  21. “Failsafe” by Karen Bovenmyer
  22. “Sealed with Fire” by Patrick M. Tracy
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