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2013 LoneStarCon3/WorldCon Trip Report

I’m still flying high after LonestarCon3/Worldcon 2013. What a blast it was. Even though I arrived relatively late to the con, the people there instantly made me feel right at home.

Convention panels are fun, but for me the real pleasure in attending conventions is hanging out with like-minded book-lovers. Many people made this con a memorable lifetime experience for me — too many to name-drop without leaving someone out, but they know who they are — and they were not only the fellow attendees with whom I shared laughs with, but also the convention runners who put on a great con. Well done! My only regret is that I didn’t have more time to spend with fellow con-goers, and some fiends I missed seeing completely. Next time!

This convention had the largest-ever attendance by regular SF Signal contributors. I finally got to meet some of them for the first time in person. It was like a family gathering, only without the arguments and guilt. (Even so: I’m the crotchety old uncle.) 🙂

Speaking of gatherings, the SF Signal Meetup was a smashing success. Lots of fans and authors showed up for a relaxed get-together and some fun schmoozing. It ran long, but only because it was so much fun. Thanks to everyone who attended!

On Winning a 2nd Hugo

I thought having already won a Hugo that the second time would be less nerve-wracking. Nope. But Toastmaster Paul Cornell did a fantastic job at easing my nerves as much as humanly possible. I wasn’t sure if voters would decide to vote in another direction this year since we won last year, so when SF Signal was announced as the winner, I was a bit surprised.

What I said in my speech is the truth. SF Signal would not have won without the continued support of our wonderful regular contributors, guest posters and other occasional contributors. They are the wheels that make SF Signal spin. I’m just the grease. Special thanks to JP and Patrick, who helped out immensely by keeping those wheels turning when I needed to ease off the gas.

I didn’t have time on stage to call out everyone who contributed in 2012. Here, I do:

Our contributors in 2012 included:

To them, I’ll reiterate what I said last year: This award is yours just as much as mind and you are welcome to come over any time to look at it but not touch it. But call first. And bring bagels. 🙂

A bonus for winners this year: Vincent Villafranca did an amazing job on the award base this year. The amount of detail is stunning. No pictures I have seen quite do it justice. This year’s Hugo award is a thing of beauty and I am honored and humbled to have one.

“No More Hugos For You!”

As you may know, we are removing ourselves from further nominations in the fanzine category. Why? Because a Hugo award is never something we aimed for when we decided to share our love of genre. Because 2 wins is something we never dreamed would happen in a million years. Because a back-to-back win is incredibly generous of the voters. Because there are so many other fanzines and blogs out there that are deserving. Because we had our time in the spotlight. Simply put: It just felt like the right thing to do.

To be clear, I do not begrudge others for not doing so, whether fans or professionals. Professionals especially, who can boost their careers with an award win. (Pat Cadigan rocked her speech!) I am not a professional, I am a fan who does this in his spare time. It is a terrific honor to win a Hugo. Others should have that same feeling.

Because you know what? It’s a great feeling.

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John DeNardo is the Managing Editor at SF Signal and a columnist at Kirkus Reviews. He also likes bagels. So there.

13 Comments on 2013 LoneStarCon3/WorldCon Trip Report

  1. Congrats yet again to the entire team! Great to see SF Signal get back to back wins.

  2. Hard work rewarded. Thanks for putting together the meetup and gathering of SFSignal types.

  3. Congratulations, John. I do think its time for other voices to shine, so I am happy you are pulling out of the running so other people can win. I do think the Hugos can be a rut (look at how many times Locus won in a row) and people get “used” to picking the same person or outlet.

  4. Congratulations to you and the entire SF Signal team!

  5. It’s been a privilege to sneak my words in here from time to time, and always fun to meet up with the crew at these events. On to the next year!

  6. Carla Moore // September 3, 2013 at 1:26 pm //

    hey, I’m so glad you won. I have just found your website recently and I really appreciate it. I love looking at all the links and the sneak peeks at the new books.

    I can’t believe you would pull yourselves out of the running for next year.That in my book just makes you more awesome. Keep up the good work, and I’ll be right there with you.

  7. I already said it on twitter, but Congrats! I did cheer out loud when you won. and hey, now you’ve got a matching set of Bagel holders. 😉

  8. Congrats to the whole SF Signal crew, and thanks for your ongoing service to SF/F.

  9. Thanks for the kind words, folks! 😀

  10. Congratulations!!! So well deserved!! And it was wonderful to finally meet you in person, John. 😀

  11. Congrats, John – well deserved!

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