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Can You Name This Illustrated SF Book from the 1970s? (Part 33)

Here’s another Name That Story challenge for our readers, sent in by another reader looking for a long-forgotten book title.

Do any of you out there know the title to this book?

I’m looking for a large format illustrated SF book I ran across in the late ’70s. It was not exactly a graphic novel, as its pictures were not hand drawings but rather photographs. But it was also not quite what would have been called a “photonovel” or “fotonovel” then, because, if I remember right, the text of the story ran alongside the photos and had its own integrity. That is, the book didn’t consist mainly of photos with word balloons, but rather was a complete written text accompanied by extensive photographs. The photos were heavily processed, with tinting and filtering and the like.

The book had the *feel* of the kind of book that Heavy Metal Publications put out at the time, though all my investigations suggest it wasn’t a Heavy Metal book.

From what I remember of the content, the story was a space opera of the Han-Solo-with-a-blaster type, and I assume the book was conceived in the immediate aftermath of the success of “Star Wars.”

My most vivid memory of the visuals was that a major secondary character in the story was a humanoid lizard with white skin. Sort of like an albino Sleestak (of “Land of the Lost” fame). If I remember right, one of the final images in the story was a close-up of this white lizard-creature confronting the main character with a blaster.

I’d love to track this graphic-photonovel-SF-story-thing down. Although its story was, as you can gather, pretty meat-and-potatoes stuff, its overall look and feel were quite interesting, and about as ’70s as you can get.

If any readers can help me track this down, I’d be most grateful.

– Ken J.

Can you name this book?

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  1. Kathy Fraser // September 4, 2013 at 5:06 pm //

    Amberstar by Bruce Jones (an illustrated cosmic odyssey)

  2. Fan-damn-tastic! Thank you Kathy Fraser and SF Signal!

    — Ken J.

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