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Cookie Monsters and Other Edible Literary Figures

Hi guys!  I’m new here and, while I will rarely ever write reviews,* I plan on putting pen to paper (figuratively speaking of course) to share all sorts of geeky and genre related goodies with you beginning today.  So, I thought I’d break the ice with some amazing cookie cutters based on a few of our favorite bookish fandoms.  Who doesn’t like cookies, right?**

Here goes nothin’…

Frankenstein’s Monster and his Bride

These incredible cutters are made by Warpzone Prints and are available over on Etsy.  The plastic pieces are made to order using a 3D printer and average $5.50 each.  The outlines are designed to cut through the dough and the inner pieces to only leave an impression. Here are a few more of my favorite book related ones.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman’s John Watson

Now you’ll finally have an excuse when you start drooling upon seeing Sherlock’s delicious visage.

Captain Picard Face Palm

A Captain Picard cookie cutter because I’m sure you face palmed when you read my last pun. And P.S., for you Doubting Thomases, this totally fits the cookie cutter book theme.  I read a number of really bad ST:TNG books in my youth and LOVED THEM!


Awww, isn’t the widdle eldritch horror adorable?  Don’t you just want to dunk him in some milk and pretend it’s the watery depths from whence he came?

Sorting Hat

Show the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter who’s boss by gnashing him between your teeth.  That’s what he gets for considering putting you in Hufflepuff.

Sam, Dean, and Castiel from Supernatural

Whatever.  Don’t pretend you aren’t secretly interested in reading a copy of the Supernatural Media Tie-In books if the library ever gets ’em in.  (I’m not the only one, am I?)

Various Doctor Who foes and the TARDIS

OK FINE!  I’ll admit it.  I like Media Tie-In books, alright? I have one ’em in my eBook cue at the library.  I’m not ashamed!  I want more of the Doctor in my life.

Well, kids, it’s been swell.  Thanks for reading my inaugural post and let me know if there are any specific types of genre related goodies you’d like me to cover!

* Because I absolutely hate composing them as they feel like homework and I only do ’em if I’m (a) enraged, or (b) in love.
** Weirdos, that’s who.

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