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Cover & Synopsis: SUNBURNT FACES by Shimon Adaf

Here’s the cover art and synopsis of the upcoming novel Sunburnt Faces by Shimon Adaf and translated from Hebrew by Margalit Rodgers and Anthony Berris, coming November 1st from PS Publishing and launching at World Fantasy Convention 2013 in Brighton, England. Shimon Adaf is one of Israel’s foremost novelists and poets, and a winner of the prestigious Sapir Prize (the Israeli equivalent of the Man Booker Prize), amongst many other awards.

Cover art by Chris Roberts. Click to embiggen.

Here’s the synopsis:

When Flora Elhayani is twelve years old, God appears to her through the television and suddenly, after being mute for two months, she can speak again. Flora changes her name to Ori, and acquires a new, fantastical vantage point of her life in the desert town of Netivot. Trying to decipher what the revelation holds for her, Ori comes across a rare series of young adult novels about a strange wonderland whose heroine plays special part in Ori’s own coming of age.

Twenty years later, we meet Ori again. She now lives in Tel Aviv, where she is married to a successful man and is the mother of a little girl. She has become a writer for young adults, focusing her work on various Wonderland themes. Life is good – until a second revelation, very different from the first, rattles the very foundations of her life and puts all in doubt.

Sunburnt Faces examines the nature of revelation in a world in which the fantastical takes place only in situations of error and misunderstanding. But will the social and political nature of this world allow Ori to find the certainty without which she cannot live?

Cover & Synopsis, Shimon Adaf

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