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Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction for 9/17/2013

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  1. Black Gate has an heroic fantasy story from Ryan Harvey.

    Under a downpour of rain the slate faces of the Dubun-Geb Mountains were dreadful, and they stirred memories in the warriors clustered at their feet of campfire tales of the secrets lurking among the crags. In the days of the Hegemony, the Shapers had carved fortresses in the Dubun-Geb where they worked the magic of the Art on stone and metal. The Shapers had vanished, but no place stained with their sorceries forgot them.

    – “Stand at Dubun-Geb”

  2. Mad Scientist Journal has a science fiction “essay” from Finale Doshi-Velez

    As the science of genetic engineering nears maturity, our understanding of the psychological repercussions of commonplace genetic modifications remains woefully understudied. Below I share an excerpt from a diary of a client who visited me 15 years after conception with the simple yet impossible question: Why?

    – “Diary of a Turnip Girl”

  3. Strange Horizons has a science fiction story from Lillian Wheeler that is also available in audio

    On Sunday, February 13th, 2028, it searched the internet for information on itself, since there were no accidents or higher priorities to take up processing power. Much of what came up it had already saved.

    It was largely a propaganda piece proposed in 2020 as part of a Canada-wide initiative to increase public safety, in the wake of record-breaking storms the year before. The video of its announcement showed the Minister of Transportation proclaiming: in the year 2020, we will attempt to take that famous saying—hindsight is 20/20—and make it apply to foresight as well. Without further ado, I introduce the Automated Road Information and Emergency Contact Computer, ARIECC 1.0.

    – “ARIECC 1.0”


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