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Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction for 9/24/2013

Today’s post includes some bacon-wrapped links from Dave Tackett’s QuasarDragon.

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What’s special about today’s free fiction?

    1. Tim Maughan has a near future science fiction short story

      0714, Wanstead

      Nicki is awake even before her mum calls her from the other side of the door. She’s sat up in bed, crackly FM radio ebbing from tiny supermarket grade speakers, her fingers flicking across her charity shop grade tablet’s touchscreen. She’s close to shutting down two auctions when a third pushes itself across her screen with its familiar white and green branded arrogance. Starbucks. Oxford Circus. 4 hour shift from 1415.

      She sighs, dismisses it. She’s not even sure why she still keeps that notification running. Starbucks, the holy fucking grail. But she can’t go there, can’t even try, without that elusive Barista badge.

      – “Zero Hours”

    2. Strange Horizons has a slipstream short story from Rose Lemberg for its 2013 Fund Drive [thanks, OM!]

      I see it on my shelf sometimes, tucked between the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia and Kari Gade’s study of skaldic poetry. On other days it sticks out like a dejected crow among the seven small red books of the Medieval and Modern Welsh series, somewhere east of Pwyll and west of Branwen Uerch Lyr. I trace a finger on the spine—its faded dark blue leather tooled with tiny clover flowers, each petiole lovingly painted with a sable-tip brush as tiny as an eyelash.

      That book is Teffeu, though the title is not on the cover.

      – “Teffeu: A Book from the Library at Taarona”

    3. Relic Radio has a treasure trove of radio dramas, including a ghost story that aired in 1978
    4. Lovecraft eZine #26 – August 2013 is free for Kindle or Nook for the rest of the month


Written – Flash

Written – Serialized

  • @Legend of the Five Rings: Face the Madness by Shawn Carman & Seth Mason – Part 1 [Shared World Fantasy Serialization]
  • @Mad Genius Club: Elf Blood by Sarah A. Hoyt – Chapter 5 [Fantasy Serialization]
  • @Weird Fiction Review: The Divinity Student by Michael Cisco – Chapters Nine and Ten [Neo-Gothic Horror Novel Serialization]
  • @Author’s Site: The Greenland Diaries by Patrick Marsh – Day 88 [Post Apocalyptic Serial]
  • @Author’s Site: Vessel by Andrew J. Morgan – Chapter 4 [Science Fiction]


Audio – Serialized

Free eBooks (at time of listing)

QuasarDragon Birthdays – Free Fiction from authors on the anniversary of their birth


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