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Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction for 9/25/2013

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  1. Lightspeed has a story about stingers from Will McIntosh

    Josephine had been up all night, her heart pounding, thinking about this day, about whether she would survive it. Now, out on the road and exposed on all sides, she was so scared she could barely breathe.

    “Down,” Bella hissed.

    Josephine dropped into the weeds lining the road. She stayed perfectly still, except for her chest, which was rising and falling as quickly as a butterfly flapping its wings. Bella’s face was inches from hers, the barrel of her M16 between them. “On the hill,” she whispered. She moved her eyes to the right, to indicate direction.

    – “Dry Bite”

  2. Tor has a short story from Charles Stross

     “Bob! Are you busy right now? I’d like a moment of your time.”

    Those thirteen words never bode well—although coming from my new manager, Iris, they’re less doom-laden than if they were falling from the lips of some others I could name. In the two months I’ve been working for her Iris has turned out to be the sanest and most sensible manager I’ve had in the past five years. Which is saying quite a lot, really, and I’m eager to keep her happy while I’ve got her.

    – “Equoid”

  3. Check out a free Steampunk novella at Amazon


Written – Flash

Written – Serialized

  • @HiLobrow: Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman – Part 11 [Science Fiction – from 1915]
  • @Author’s Site: Tickling Butterflies by Guy Hasson – Part 12: The Magical Planet Earth“Return of the Original Monster” [Epic Fantasy Serialization]


Audio – Serialized

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