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SF/F Crowd Funding Roundup For 09/17/2013

Crowd funding is the in thing for obtaining money to fund a variety of projects, with Kickstarter being the most prominent of these sites. With new projects going live daily, it’s a chore to keep up with, let alone find, interesting genre projects. The Crowd Funding Roundup will be our effort to bring projects we think are interesting to your attention so you can, if you so choose, decide to help out. These posts are a collaborative effort between James Aquilone and JP Frantz.

KAIJU RISING: Age of Monsters Anthology

What’s it about?

An anthology of stories featuring giant monsters and tremendous havoc.

Why it’s interesting: Project creator and SF Signal contributor Nick Sharps liked Pacific Rim so much he wanted to bring the awesomeness to the literary world. Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters is a collection of 19 stories about those strange creatures in the vein of Pacific Rim, Godzilla, and Cloverfield. The book, which will be published by Ragnarok Publications, will have a foreword by Jonathan Maberry and an afterword by Jeremy Robinson. Authors include Larry Correia, James Maxey, Erin Hoffman, and Jaym Gates. For $13 you get a digital copy of the book and other goodies. The trade paperback is $25. Other rewards include hardcover editions, artwork, and a chance to be a victim in one of the stories.

Cadaver Bone Benefit Fiction Anthology

What’s it about?

A dark fantasy fiction anthology whose proceeds will help pay the publisher’s medical bills.

Why it’s interesting: Cadaver Bone contains 17 dark fantasy short stories by such writers as Cecil Castellucci, Christopher Robert Cargill, Richard Dansky, and Matt Forbeck. Proceeds will help pay for publisher Chris Pramas’s spinal-fusion operation. For $15 you get the PDF, epub, and mobi editions of the anthology.

An Eloquence of Time and Space: A Doctor Who 50th Poem Book

What’s it about?

A Doctor Who episode guide written in verse.

Why it’s interesting: Here’s the perfect thing for lovers of poetry and Doctor Who. James Wylder has written poetic synopsis of ever episode from series 1 through 7 of the show as well as the 50th anniversary special. But that’s not all! An Eloquence of Time and Space will also include Whodles, illustrations by artist Olivia Hinkle. A PDF of the book is $10. A print copy is $15.

Cartozia Tales: Ten Issues

What’s it about?

An all-ages fantasy anthology with all the stories set in a shared world, created by a team of top-notch indie cartoonists.

Why it’s interesting: Cartozia Tales is an all-ages comic book anthology series. Each issue will contain nine stories, all set in the same fantasy world, which the creators say is “populated by strange creatures, puzzling mysteries, thrilling adventures, and a diverse cast of fun and unusual characters.” Guests artists include Dylan Horrocks, Jason Lutes, Maris Wicks, Kevin Cannon, Jon Lewis, and James Kochalka. Rewards include subscriptions, prints, and postcards. Check it out at

RARRR!! Monster-Building, City-Crushing Card Game

What’s it about?

Build terrifying monsters and send them out to pulverize cities in this raucous card game.

Why it’s interesting: Full disclosure: Kevin Brusky, owner and proprietor of APE Games, is a personal friend of SF Signal’s. In fact, both John and JP have playtested this game. That’s how we can say, if you like Kaiju and card games, you’ll want to play RARRR!! For more information on the game, see yesterday’s interview of Kevin by Nick Sharps. $20 gets you the game and the chance to build your own monster!

Explore Strange New Words!

What’s it about?

Tales of the fantastic, from crypts to cobras, swords to submarines, rubies to railroads, heaven to hell.

Why it’s interesting: An anthology with a bit of everything, “Fantasy—sword and sorcery, dark, and urban—makes up the bulk, but we’ve also got cyberpunk, straight-up horror, mythology, and a couple I wouldn’t entirely know how to categorize” as Ari Marmel puts it. Sounds good to me. The ebook starts at $12, while the softcover/ebook bundle runs at $25.

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