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SF/F/H Link Post for 2013-09-04

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Crowd Funding

  • Akiba Anime Art Magazine is a brand new pop-culture magazine devoted to Akihabara, Tokyo’s electronics district and otaku paradise
  • AMBROV X is a story-driven sci-fi RPG set in the award-winning universe of Sime~Gen.
  • An Eloquence of Time and Space: An episode guide for Doctor Who– as poetry! Every episode of Series 1-7 will have its own poem to celebrate Who’s 50th anniversary.
  • .Decimal is a sci-fi ARTS/MOBA that features near-future tech, “hero-centric” squad combat and real-time tactical deployments. although Orb Interactive are asking for a relatively large sum for their planned action strategy project, they’ve clearly done a lot of the hard work up front.


Science and Technology


  • Fields of Pelennor by Allen Douglas
  • Here’s a YouTube series on Creating Fantasy Maps for novels: Parts 2, 3, 4, 5
  • LEGO Libraries and Bookstores
  • The title of Allen Williams’ website, “I Just Draw,” undersells his works. These are no idle doodles, but rather, as Guillermo del Toro wrote: “Entire worlds flow from Allen Williams’ pencil and brush. Creatures and characters more twisted and full of humanity than our imagination dares to conjure. He is an incredible draftsman and a true original mind.” In a 2011 Comic Con panel, del Toro said he often walks the con floor and looks at artists’ work displayed, and Williams was one such artist. Because Williams handed del Toro his portfolio, he joined two other artists that del Toro came across at Comic Con to work on concept art for Pacific Rim.

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