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SF/F/H Link Post for 2013-09-30

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  • ConQuest – a party-based tactical RPG where players battle through the halls of a comic con gone wrong, defeating enemies and collecting swag along the way. The game is an irreverent and light-hearted take on the awesomeness of comic cons.
  • Gerry Anderson’s Gemini Force One – a campaign devoted to continuing the work of television legend Gerry Anderson, of Fireball XL5 and Thunderbirds to Space 1999 and Captain Scarlet. Gemini Force One began as a series of science fiction stories penned by Anderson, and the late creator’s son Jamie aims to get them published as a series of books, with a view to getting them turned into a TV series or even a movie in the future.


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  1. Since I can’t seem to comment there, I’ll just saying a quick thing here about the Goodreadds news item. If people think that negative or undesired behavior can be squelched by using censorship then all I have to say is that they’re not thinking clearly. The public persona of an author is as open for criticism as the book especially if that author chooses to be controversial or careless.

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