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TOC: ‘Thirteen’ Edited by Scott Harrison

Thirteen is an new horror audio anthology edited by Scott Harrison featuring an impressive lineup of authors.

Here’s the description:

Edited by the mighty Scott Harrison and recorded & produced by Neil Gardner, THIRTEEN contains 13 (well, obviously!) spine-tingling tales of terror, new short stories by some of our biggest and most beloved genre authors, read by some truly epic acting names.

THIRTEEN is an experiment to see how popular audiobook anthologies could be. We already know genre fans love printed and e-book anthologies, so we hope the same will be true for audiobooks. If we get good sales and support we hope to attract funding and backing from the likes of Audible to enable to release several anthologies every year.

Duration: 3hrs 36mins STEREO

Here’s the table of contents…

Side A

  • “Hidden Track (part 1)” by Scott Harrison read by Barnaby Edwards
  • “Dead Space” by George Mann read by Greg Wise
  • “A Girl, Sitting” by Mark Morris read by Jilly Bond
  • “Finding The Path”” by Kaaron Warren read by Trevor White
  • “The Hairstyle of the Devil” by Martin Day read by Arthur Darvill
  • “Down” by Gary McMahon read by Stephen Rashbrook
  • “Visions” by Cavan Scott read by Michael Maloney
  • “Half Life” by Dan Abnett read by John Banks
  • “Hidden Track (part 2) by Scott Harrison read by Barnaby Edwards

Side B

  • “With Her In Spirit” by Stephen Gallagher read by Frances Barber
  • “Tabula Rasa” by Alasdair Stuart read by Lalla Ward
  • “One Hit Wanda” by Kim Newman read by Samuel West
  • “A Glass of Water” by Mark Wright read by Gemma Arterton
  • “Ghost Pit” by Simon Clark read by Jeff Harding
  • “I Wish” by Johnny Mains read by Steven Cree
  • “Hidden Track (part 3)” by Scott Harrison read by Barnaby Edwards
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