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Top 25 SF Signal Posts for August 2013

In case you missed them, here are The Top 25 SF Signal Posts for August 2013 (excluding the daily link posts and free fiction posts):

  1. Recommended Reading by Professionals…with Brandon Sanderson!
  2. 153 SF/F/H Kindle eBook Deals at $3.99 or Less
  3. 172 Reasons To Read Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror in August 2013 (A GIANT Book Cover Gallery)
  4. MIND MELD: Our Favorite Female Protagonists and Why They Rock
  5. MIND MELD: Recent SF/F That Deserves More Attention
  6. MOVIE REVIEW: Elysium (2013)
  7. Recommended Reading by Professionals…With Jim C. Hines
  8. The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 199): Interview with Tom Merritt, Co-Host of the Sword And Laser Podcast
  9. ETERNA Is The Epic Trailer of Epicness You’ve Been Waiting For
  10. MIND MELD: The Rules of Worldbuilding
  11. TOC: “The Time Traveler’s Almanac” Edited by Ann VanderMeer and Jeff VanderMeer (Plus: US and UK Covers!)
  12. 18 *More* SF/F/H Kindle eBook Deals $3.99 or Less
  13. Indie Author Spotlight: An Interview with HOUSE OF BLADES Author Will Wight
  14. Cover & Synopsis: TRANSHUMAN by Ben Bova
  15. Short Fiction Friday: Neil Gaiman’s “A Calendar of Tales”
  16. FINALISTS: 2013 World Fantasy Award
  17. [GUEST POST] James Lovegrove Defines Godpunk
  18. Harlan Ellison Interviews Robert Silverberg (1986 Audio Interview)
  19. [GUEST POST] Catherine Lundoff on Monstrous Females and Female Monsters
  20. Book Cover Smackdown! I ROBOT: TO OBEY vs. PROXIMA vs. ON THE STEEL BREEZE
  21. Convention Attention: First Timers
  22. Indie Author Spotlight: An Interview with CYBERSTORM Author Matthew Mather
  23. [GUEST POST] Richard Derus Talks About His Jay Lake Reading Project
  24. MOVIE REVIEW: The World’s End (2013)
  25. VIDEO: David Brin Defines Science Fiction
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