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GAME TRAILER: Neil Gaiman’s Wayward Manor

Neil Gaiman is a lot things: author, TV writer and all-around hoopy frood. Now he can add video game designer to his resume. Neil, along with development house The Odd Gentleman are working on a new video game called Wayward Manor. But what’s it about? This:

The game’s story stretches hundreds of years, following a ghost trying to figure out why he was killed and by whom. In the process, the clueless phantom tries to scare away every new squatter that has taken up residence in his 1920s home.

A new trailer for the game has just arrived, take a gander at the teaser!

There’s not a lot of game play here, in fact none, but I do like the art direction. Wayward Manor is an adventure game, coming soon to PC (via Steam), Mac and tablets. That leads me to believe the game is a point-and-click style adventure, which you don’t see much these days. Certainly this is something to keep an eye on!

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