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Guy Hasson’s Underground Superhero Film, “The Indestructibles”

Author Guy Hasson has just posted his underground SF Film, The Indestructibles, starring Tamara Pearlman, Nathalie klein Selle and Tomer Shechori.

The Indestructibles is an independent, low-budget science fiction superhero film that just premiered at the Utopia Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Festival is now online for free at the website

Here’s the synopsis:

For over 200 years, superhero battles ravaged the earth. Once they were defeated, hundreds of thousands superhero bodies littered the streets. They are living, breathing vegetables that cannot die and do not grow old. One day, the superheroes come back. Only Rachel Gardner, a high school teacher, can stop them.

(See also: the film journal, chronicling the film’s journey.)

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